Kurt Angle Talks Working With Triple H & Shawn Michaels, The Accuracy Of ‘Foxcatcher’

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Kurt Angle Talks Working With Triple H & Shawn Michaels, The Accuracy Of ‘Foxcatcher’

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A on Facebook, where he took questions directly from fans. This time around, the WWE Hall of Famer answered questions about Triple H & Shawn Michaels, if he wants to wrestle right now, and who makes his gear.

Check out highlights below.

If he’d prefer to be wrestling right now:

No more wrestling for me. I’m a producer now, helping talent structure their matches. Would I prefer to wrestle? Yes. But I’m 51 years old and it’s time for me to step aside and allow the young guys to do their thing.

On the accuracy of the movie Foxcatcher:

Pretty damn close. The movie was about as accurate as it could have been. There were a few things that were inaccurate like Mark Schultz’s character. He never died his hair and he wasn’t as close to John as Dave was. I also felt like the movie was hinting that DuPont and Mark had a sexual relationship. NOT true. Also, DuPont’s mother died before he started Foxcatcher.

Who makes his gear:

A very talented woman named Jolene. She has done my gear for 15 years, she has a few clients in WWE. You could probably find her online. She lives in Tampa.

His Christmas traditions:

We do Elf on a Shelf every year and I always put the star on top of the tree for Christmas. Obviously midnight mass, too.

Working with Triple H and Shawn Michaels:

HHH and Shawn were not only extremely talented in the ring, but they shared so much of their knowledge of the business. I took their advice on many occasions. DX will always be the hottest clique in sports entertainment.

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