Kurt Angle Says TNA Wrestling Was Never Going To Beat WWE

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TNA Wrestling never had the chance to defeat WWE, according to a veteran of both companies: Kurt Angle.

After leaving WWE in 2006, Angle quickly found himself in TNA (now Impact Wrestling) where he would become a multi-time World Champion.


During his “Kurt Angle Show” podcast, the Olympian was joined by fellow TNA alum Ken Anderson, who believed there was a chance TNA could have beaten WWE. Ken said,

“I always think there’s a possibility, right? — I think that was what was so cool about working there.”

Angle was more pessimistic and argued that TNA just couldn’t compete with the resources at Vince McMahon’s disposal. He said,

“Now, me, I was more realistic. I thought we were special to begin with … I just didn’t think we’d ever be able to beat WWE … We just didn’t have the money.

“The money was going because we were trying to compete with WWE. We should’ve went at our own pace, at least for a few more years.”

While TNA could have never beaten WWE (according to Kurt,) that didn’t stop TNA’s weekly show being moved to Monday nights in 2010 to go head-to-head with RAW.

While Impact Wrestling still exists to this day, the promotion is no longer considered WWE’s main rival, with many fans feeling that AEW now holds that title.

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