Kurt Angle Says New Doc Is “A Story About A Kid With A Dream”

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Kurt Angle is thrilled about the release of his new documentary on Peacock, chronicling his life and impressive wrestling career.

On his “Kurt Angle Show” the Olympian spoke at length about his new documentary which premiered earlier this month. He said,


“It’s a really great documentary, it’s well put together. Alex Perry did an incredible job. It’s a story about a kid with a dream. And you know, he had a lot of mishaps along the way. Broken necks, issues with drugs. It’s about overcoming obstacles. And I am so proud of this documentary, I honestly believe it’s one of the best. And Ric Flair quoted this: ‘It makes my documentary look pretty lame.’ That’s what Ric Flair said. And think about what Ric went through. I commend Ric for saying that, but I don’t think mine is nearly as intense as Ric Flair’s life. But Ric Flair seems to think so. So I’ll [take it].”

Perry, the director of the documentary was asked why he wanted to work with Angle. He said,

“Okay, so that’s a great question. As I said, Kurt was my favorite wrestler growing up. And I didn’t — I wasn’t aware. I was a kid, so I wasn’t aware of Kurt’s backstory. I didn’t make the connection. I didn’t even have the connection between the Olympics and pro wrestling. I knew him from pro wrestling. And I had never seen a wrestler whose gimmick was based on their own backstory.

“And when I found it, that was almost a rumor that circulated among me and my friends at first. And when the internet kinda was coming out, I was able to look it up, and I saw that it was based on his real backstory. Not only that, I saw that it was based on a dramatic and unbelievable backstory. I just thought that was a mind-blowing thing. And that’s never left my mind for all these years.”

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