Kurt Angle reveals staggering monthly expenditure of $7,000 on painkillers during his addiction

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Kurt Angle’s struggle with addiction was costing the Olympic gold medalist $7,000 a month at his worst, the Hall of Famer has revealed.

The Olympian’s addiction to painkillers would play a factor in his WWE departure in 2006 and he would join TNA Wrestling later that year.


During a recent edition of the “True Geordie” podcast, Angle opened up on his battles with substances and the cost of his addiction to painkillers. He said,

“I’ll give you an example of what I was doing. I had 12 different doctors that were giving me 12 different scripts of medication. I had to set up a calendar because you couldn’t go to the same pharmacy, so you had to have 12 different doctors, go to 12 different pharmacies. So I had all these different pharmacies on my calendar, and then it still wasn’t enough, so I had to buy 500 of them illegally from Mexico. So I was buying 2,000 painkillers a month just to keep my addiction going.

“[I was spending] $7,000 a month, but remember, I was making a lot of money [laughs], so the money wasn’t really an issue.”

After overcoming his addiction, Angle returned to WWE in 2017 to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He has made sporadic appearances for WWE ever since.

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Kurt Angle, the legendary Olympic gold medalist and professional wrestler, recently opened up about his struggle with addiction and the financial toll it took on him. Angle revealed that at the height of his addiction to painkillers, he was spending $7,000 a month to fuel his habit.

Angle’s addiction to painkillers played a significant role in his departure from WWE in 2006. After leaving WWE, he joined TNA Wrestling later that year. During a recent interview on the “True Geordie” podcast, Angle shared the extent of his addiction and the measures he took to sustain it.

He explained that he had 12 different doctors who were prescribing him various medications. To avoid suspicion, he had to set up a calendar to keep track of which pharmacies to visit since he couldn’t go to the same one repeatedly. Despite having prescriptions from multiple doctors, Angle still needed more pills, so he resorted to buying 500 painkillers illegally from Mexico every month.

Angle admitted that he was purchasing a staggering 2,000 painkillers monthly just to maintain his addiction. The cost of these drugs amounted to $7,000 per month. However, due to his high earnings as a professional wrestler, Angle claimed that money wasn’t a significant concern for him at the time.

Fortunately, Angle was able to overcome his addiction and make a successful return to WWE in 2017 when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Since then, he has made sporadic appearances for the company.

Angle’s story sheds light on the devastating impact of addiction and the lengths individuals may go to feed their habits. It also serves as a reminder that even those who appear successful and accomplished can struggle with personal demons.

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Overall, Kurt Angle’s journey serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of seeking help and support when battling addiction. It also highlights the resilience and determination required to overcome such challenges and rebuild one’s life.