Kurt Angle Reveals He Made Over $1 Million His First Year In WWE

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Kurt Angle Reveals He Made Over $1 Million His First Year In WWE

kurt angle

Kurt Angle (Photo by Phillip Massey/FilmMagic)

WWE legend Kurt Angle recently talked finances during his latest ‘Kurt Angle Show‘ podcast, revealing that he made over one million dollars his first year in WWE.

Talking about his first year in WWE, Angle said, “You know what, my guarantee was $75,000, so I made well over that. What I was surprised about, and I promised J.R [Jim Ross] this when I accepted that contract, he said ‘you’re going to get $75,000 a year for five years.’ I signed the contract, I said ‘don’t worry about it because I’m going to make a million in my first year.’ He’s like, ‘whatever you say.’ So I did, I did make a million, which I’m really proud of.”

Angle went on to say that he really wasn’t expecting to make that much but set himself that goal anyway. Angle said, “I wasn’t expecting to make a million dollars my first year in the business, especially not having any kind of merchandise. I wasn’t selling merchandise. They weren’t hopping off the shelves and people weren’t buying Kurt Angle stuff because I was a heel. So I didn’t make a lot on that. I got paid to wrestle and I got paid very well to do it. So making a million dollars a year without any kind of merchandise, I made maybe 30 or 40 grand with merchandise, that was about it. I made a lot of money wrestling and I did exceed the goal that I told JR I would do.”

Check out a clip below that shows Angle talking about his first year in WWE. Thanks to Fightful for providing the transcriptions.

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