Kurt Angle Is Lacing ‘Em Up Again In New Promo Video, Teases His Story Is ‘To Be Continued’

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Kurt Angle Is Lacing ‘Em Up Again In New Promo Video, Teases His Story Is ‘To Be Continued’

Kurt Angle

Photo Credit: WWE

It’s true—Kurt Angle just posted a hell of a teaser video.

Angle posted the following video that strongly hints that he’s thinking about a return to the ring. Set to “America the Beautiful”, Angle is shown lacing up his boots and putting his wrestling singlet on. After a few shots of his wrestling t-shirts, Angle’s face is shown before it fades to black and says “to be continued.”

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— Kurt Angle (@RealKurtAngle) March 6, 2021

The entire wrestling world was collectively happy to see Kurt Angle make a momentous return to WWE in 2017 and the list of potential match-up possibilities seemed endless. However, many fans of The Olympic Gold Medalist were left feeling there was something missing when he finally hung it up for good, a loss to Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 only two years later.

On a recent edition of The Kurt Angle Show, Angle sat down with co-host Conrad Thompson to discuss the details behind the difficult decision to close the book on his in-ring career in a match that was fourteenth on a sixteen-match card.

“When you have 16 matches that’s a long show. I think that show was seven hours long. It was ridiculously long. There were a lot of matches on there of course and being 14, it is a lot of pressure. I also understood when you’re in the business as many years as I am, you realize what each match is for and what it represents. The number 14 match, it was structured in between two featured matches and the number 14 match, which was my match with Baron Corbin, was only six minutes long. It was a filler match,” Angle said. “That’s what it was. It is what it is. I understand why they did it. My body was breaking down and I couldn’t go at the level I could go as I used to, so I think Vince McMahon gave me the retirement match not that I exactly wanted, but needed and I was just happy to have the match.”

Angle made it clear that he respected Baron as a talent and a professional, but felt that the young star wasn’t quite at the right level for an engaging story against a now WWE Hall of Famer.

“Baron was more of a bully, I was more of the victim. I didn’t like that, but you know that’s what they gave me and the program was fine. I was okay with it, it was a lot of fun to do. Baron’s a great talent. I didn’t expect him to be my opponent at WrestleMania because at that time,” Angle explained, “I don’t think he was at the level that he deserved to go into WrestleMania wrestling a Hall of Fame legend, even though afterward, they utilized him pretty good.”

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