Kurt Angle Doesn’t Believe Today’s Crop Of Talent Compares To The Attitude Era

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Kurt Angle says both AEW and WWE have a lot of talent right now, but he doesn’t believe it’s on the level of the Attitude Era.

Speaking recently on the “Grue Rume Show,” the WWE Hall of Famer was asked about the current crop of talent in the wrestling world and how he’d compare it to his days working in the Attitude Era. He said,


“Both companies [AEW and WWE] have a lot of talent right now. I wouldn’t say they have the talent that we had back in the Attitude Era. Back then, everybody was a superstar. Lower card guys, middle card guys, the Godfather, Val Venis, Bob Holly, guys that were midcard and opening card guys were huge stars. Now, there are five or six top guys in the company that everyone knows and everyone else is not as recognized. Back then, we had a special group of guys.”

He continued, “Don’t get me wrong, the guys today, they are much more athletic and do a lot more crazy stuff, more flips and acrobatic stunts. Hopefully, they’ll hone that in and come back to the way wrestling was where you have wrestling moves and stuff like that, not just stunts. I think everyone is doing a good job today in WWE and AEW.”

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