Kris Statlander Discloses Reason for Hitting Orange Cassidy on the Latest AEW Dynamite Episode This Week.

Kris Statlander Discloses Reason for Hitting Orange Cassidy on the Latest AEW Dynamite Episode This Week.
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In recent times, the cohesive relationship between AEW’s Best Friends has been unravelling, initiated by Trent Beretta betraying his comrades, Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor. Kris Statlander’s affiliation with them, notably with Cassidy, was not immediately clarified, but her stance is now clear.

On the episode of AEW Dynamite that aired on June 5, 2024, Cassidy participated in a four-way fight against Rey Fenix, Kyle O’Reilly, and Jay Lethal. Post-fight, Trent Beretta confronted Cassidy, only for Statlander to intervene. Much expectation was there that she would mediate between the two friends, but instead, she surprised many by punching Cassidy straight in the face.

This unexpected turn of events is not unparalleled. Statlander had recently backstabbed her friend Willow Nightingale at AEW’s Double or Nothing event on May 26th. Nightingale promptly dismissed her before Statlander could justify her actions, which led to a subsequent “Digital Exclusive” interview in which she was probed as to why she attacked Cassidy:

In their own words, here’s Beretta’s and Statlander’s explanation for their behavior:

Statlander: “Inquiry about why I did it? Go back to 2021. Back to my first significant injury. I returned to stand up for Orange in the Arcade Anarchy match. A month after my second, major surgery, I traveled overseas to support Orange when he secured his first-ever title here at AEW. And when he lost it, I was there to lift his battered and sweaty body up that mound, his torso and head held skywards out of pride for his accomplishment. But when I lost my title? When I was on a losing streak? When everyone started abandoning me? Where was the same support from you, Orange?”

Beretta: “Of course he wasn’t there. What a shocker. But I was, because I’m a decent person.”

Statlander: “All I desired, Orange, was to be your best friend. However…you never reciprocated.”

Beretta: “And isn’t my insight proven accurate now? I’ve been asserting all along that Orange Cassidy is a narcissist, even a sociopath. He has mental issues and tends to exploit people like us.”

Statlander: “Let’s get out of here.”

In light of these betrayals, Cassidy and Nightingale have become closer, as evidenced by a tender fist-bump exchanged backstage on Dynamite. Could this be hinting at an upcoming match-up between Cassidy and Nightingale against Beretta and Statlander? We can only wait and see.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on how this storyline will evolve in the comments section below.