Konnan Says There’s ‘A Lot Of Surprises’ Coming On MLW’s Azteca Underground, Praises The Writing Team

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Konnan Says There’s ‘A Lot Of Surprises’ Coming On MLW’s Azteca Underground, Praises The Writing Team


Photo Credit: MLW

Konnan says MLW’s spiritual successor to Lucha Underground is really going to surprise people.

Konnan recently appeared on Sean Waltman’s Pro Wrestling 4 Life and talked about the new Azteca Underground spin-off series that’s coming to Major League Wrestling in the near future. Konnan said it was important to have some connective tissue to the original incarnation, and fans should be ready for some fun surprises.

“That shouldn’t surprise you, right? Basically it’s a continuation of Lucha Underground, but it’s called Azteca Underground. And one of the things that I made sure that we had to have was Dario Cueto because I thought he was irreplaceable. And you know, obviously if we had to, we would have had to find somebody,” he explained, “but he was available. Once I had him, okay everything else is gonna be way easier. And so the other guy that I thought I needed to have for connective tissue was Christopher DeJoseph because he wrote all those four seasons. So I wanted him to come on board too, and it looks like he’s gonna be on board. We’re gonna have a good, tight writing team, and I’m gonna have all that talent that I’m known for finding in this season. There’s gonna be a lot of surprises where you’re gonna be like ‘holy shit.’”

Konnan also talked about having a new “LAX” stable in MLW, coming in the form of Danny Limelight, Julius Smokes and Slice Boogie. Konnan founded the stable in TNA Wrestling, but talked to Waltman and co-host Nick Hausman about who put it together and what fans can expect from the new group.

“That’s me, this kid called Danny Limelight, he’s a Puerto Rican who’s living in California who’s very good and a lot of swag. And another guy who’s also from Queens but he’s also right now in California and his name is Slice Boogie, and he’s got mega charisma and can go, man. Two guys with a lot of swag.

Julius Smokes is there too, he brings that funny, over-the-top character.

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