Konnan Says ‘Stale’ Natalya Is Not A Good Challenger For Rhea Ripley

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During a recent appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio, Konnan shared his perspective on WWE pushing Natalya as the next challenger for SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley.

According to Konnan, Natalya has gotten stale due to her grim booking over the years.


Natalya confronted Ripley on last week’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

The AAA booker said, That’s the thing, people get stale. I like Nattie, I think she’s awesome but she just feels stale. She’s been there so long and they don’t do anything with her. She disappears, then all the sudden she just shows up like she’s a credible opponent and you’re like ‘dude, she’s stale,’ and that happens a lot. If wrestlers only worked six months out of the year then the other six months they could work other places or just rest if you have them under contract. They’ll come back fresher.”

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