Konnan Says CM Punk Wanted ‘Astronomical Money’ To Join AEW

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Konnan Says CM Punk Wanted ‘Astronomical Money’ To Join AEW

CM Punk

Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

In a recent interview on Keepin’ It 100, Konnan was a guest and talked about his negotiations with AEW. Konnan said that AEW was talking to CM Punk at the same time and revealed some information to him about the talks.

Konnan said, “I do remember when I was negotiating with AEW and they were telling me about him. They were telling me that he was asking for an astronomical amount of money, that they really wanted to work with him but he was asking for too much.”

He went on to talk about how he though Punk would have been a good fit for AEW. He said, “I mean if they want to do something with him and Jericho or him and Cody, I’m sure they could, you know what I’m saying. But like I said from what they told me he was asking for way too much and that is a company that’s willing to spend so who knows what he was asking for.”

According to a claim by Konnan, Punk was the one who initiated the deal but AEW quickly shot down that amount of money. It is unknown how much Punk was asking for. Konnan continued the interview by saying, “Timing is a lot of everything and plus they say he didn’t draw any ratings on Backstage, most people don’t watch WWE to watch Backstage but I don’t think he’d be a big guy in AEW.”

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