Konnan Says Chris Jericho Is Smart For Working With AEW Talent With “Buzz”

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Chris Jericho is very smart for working with young AEW stars who have ‘buzz,’ according to Konnan.

Jericho has shared the ring with many of AEW’s young stars on the rise and shockingly lost to Action Andretti last year.


Speaking on his “K100” podcast, Konnan explained that Jericho wanting to work with younger stars shows he has his finger on the pulse of modern-day wrestling. He said,

“The guys complaining that when anybody has a buzz going, [Jericho] inserts himself into the storyline, that’s kinda smart,” Konnan said. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

Konnan also praised Jericho for being able to stay relevant for over 30 years, adding that the former World Champion’s “work ethic is second to none.”

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