Konnan Reveals WCW Originally Wanted Him To Face Hulk Hogan, Isiah Cassidy/AEW

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Isiah Kassidy has managed to get his gimmick over on AEW television, and he recently spoke about how he’s able to connect with the fans.

Kassidy appeared on an episode of “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, and you can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On getting the moans over on AEW TV: “To be honest, I feel great, man. I didn’t think that they would be behind it too much because, legit, off the cameras, I just moan. I just start moaning out of nowhere, like, [moans]. I moan in my friends’ ears. If you watch my vlog, you can see a lot of the menace stuff that I do. I’m a real-life menace. So I was like, let me just bring it to the wrestling world and see what happens. That’s exactly what I did, and I did it with Kenny Omega. That was the first time I moaned [on TV], and I was like, I’m just gonna moan in your ear, and let’s see what happens. I knew it was clicking when Young Bucks couldn’t stop laughing. They just couldn’t stop laughing. I was like, oh yeah, I got it. Then when it aired, man, they went crazy on social media. I was like, oh, this is really me, so I’m gonna keep on doing it. I’m gonna keep on being myself, and that’s when the job becomes really easy because now I’m not really portraying a gimmick. Even though I really be partying, I really be out on these streets. I got videos to prove it. The party stuff, that’s not a gimmick, it’s a lifestyle.”

On being motivated by the Four Pillars match at Double or Nothing: “It pushes me a lot. One day, I want to be in that spotlight, but my mindset now is, whatever I’m given, just make the most of it, and I always want to have at least one moment to stand out. So that was my thought process going into [The Firm] Deletion match. If I could have at least one moment that they’ll be talking forever, that’s what’s gonna elevate me to new heights.”

Appearing as a guest on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Konnan revealed that he was originally brought into WCW for matches with Hulk Hogan before his run was derailed.

The AAA booker recalled his time in WCW and criticized Eric Bischoff for not knowing what to do with him. Konnan said,

“Eric had a lot of cultural ignorance and I didn’t know how to wrestle the style. We get along, but [Bischoff] never gave me that respect because he didn’t follow lucha libre. He was basically talked into bringing me in by Kevin Sullivan. They originally wanted me to wrestle Hogan and we were going to have one match in the United States and one match in Mexico. They actually gave me the US Championship really quick against One Man Gang, who was very difficult to work with because he didn’t want to do the job.”

“But I was a big problem because they assumed that I knew American wrestling… I had to deprogram myself to learn the American style and I think they gave up on me instead of pushing me to the moon really quick.”

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