Konnan Predicts Singles Stardom for All Judgment Day Participants

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Konnan believes that every member of The Judgment Day has the potential to stand out as singles stars.

Speaking on a recent edition of his “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, the AAA booker commented on the future of the group and more. He said,


“I could literally see every person in that group being a single star. I think that is what’s going to happen in the future, and it seems like Rhea [Ripley] might be the first one because she’s getting cheered a lot. Plus, the best [baby faces] are usually the guys that would go to heels because the people know that they’re ass kickers and they’re like, ‘Wow, now their f**king faces.’”

He continued, “And I can imagine one day, not now, but one [day], because you want to ride this dominant wave and milk it as long as you can, but Dom [Mysterio] being a face, he’s going to be mega f***ing over. But you want to milk this as long as you can without being monotonous. That’s kind of the secret, because it’s almost like gambling. You got to know when to leave the table, and you don’t want something to get too old like the NWO did.”

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Konnan, the AAA booker, recently shared his thoughts on the future of The Judgment Day group and their potential as singles stars. In a recent episode of his podcast “Keepin’ It 100,” Konnan expressed his belief that every member of the group has the ability to stand out on their own.

According to Konnan, Rhea Ripley might be the first member of The Judgment Day to break out as a singles star. He mentioned that she is receiving a lot of cheers from the audience, which is a good sign for her future success. Konnan also noted that the best baby faces often have the potential to become great heels because the audience recognizes their toughness and appreciates their transformation.

Konnan further discussed the potential of Dom Mysterio, stating that while he is currently a face, he has the potential to become immensely popular in the future. However, Konnan emphasized the importance of not letting things become monotonous and knowing when to make changes. He used the example of the NWO becoming stale due to its prolonged dominance, highlighting the need for freshness and unpredictability in wrestling storylines.

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In conclusion, Konnan’s belief in the potential of every member of The Judgment Day as singles stars reflects his optimism for their future success. With Rhea Ripley potentially leading the way and Dom Mysterio’s potential to become a fan favorite, it will be interesting to see how these wrestlers evolve and carve out their own paths in the wrestling industry.