Konnan On How AAA-WWE Relationship Has Changed Thanks To Triple H

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Konnan has actually discussed WWE relatively being more open up to crossover with AAA thanks to the efforts of Triple H.

Last July, the Game was selected WWE’s Head of Creative and Head of Talent Relations and executed modifications that have actually been favored by fans.

Talking To Wrestling Inc, Konnan discussed how Triple H has actually been more available to dealing with other promos than Vince McMahon.

“For around, I’m not joking, 15 years plus, I would ask Rey [Mysterio], practically like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football every year, I would ask Rey to ask Vince [McMahon] Or reveal up if he might send out a discount for our TripleMania program. And the response was constantly no.

“He just asked [Levesque] when. [Levesque] stated yes. He sent out the video to open TripleMania this year, and brother, it was an enormous pop.”

Rey Mysterio appeared by means of a video at the AAA TripleMania XXX occasion last October, and revealed his congratulations to the promo for reaching 3 years.

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