Konnan On El Cuatrero Arrest: Ladies Can Utilize Claims To Bury People

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Wrestling veteran Konnan is set to induct Rey Mysterio into the Hall of Fame later on this month, however his function as AAA’s head booker has actually ended up being significantly more complex.

Today, AAA World Trios Champion El Cuatrero was jailed over the tried femicide of CMLL’s Stephanie Vaquer and has actually been apprehended in Reclusorio Oriente.

On his K100 podcast, which was tape-recorded prior to Cuatrero’s arrest, Konnan discussed the circumstance. He stated,

” Here’s the important things, and I’m not stating that domestic violence is not a concern due to the fact that it is a problem, however a great deal of times women, when people mess around with them or they get mad at them, they understand this is an excellent way to bury them, you understand what I’m stating?

” So you’ve got to hear both sides out, not simply one. I will state this, it does not matter what she did, what she stated. In today’s environment, if you leave noticeable marks on a woman, you’re f *** ing done brother.”

Following remarks from his co-host Disco Inferno, Konnan insinuated that he has actually been incorrectly implicated in the past. He stated,

” We’ve all encounter that insane chick, and I’m not stating this is her [Vaquer], that would not hesitate, if she seethed, to f ** k our life over. I understand I have.”

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