Konnan Had An Awakening In The Hospital, Was Looking At Death After Not Listening To Doctors

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Konnan Had An Awakening In The Hospital, Was Looking At Death After Not Listening To Doctors


Photo Credit: MLW

On the latest Keeping It 100 podcast, host Konnan discussed his recent medical issues that led to him being in the hospital. The star tested positive for COVID-19 and was having major kidney issues, but is now thankfully on the mend. Konnan claims he had an awakening while in the hospital and that he’s not going to let anyone determine who his friends are or tell him what to do.

Konnan says he felt a “-1000” on a scale to 1 to 100, and that he was “looking at death” while hospitalized. “I’m very fortunate and I do not over-dramatize this to be alive,” said the AAA booker. “It’s not a script … I have no problem telling you that I cried.”

The legendary wrestler also had several conflicts inside the hospital as he wasn’t listening to the doctors.

“So, let me tell you what happened. I wake up, there’s six doctors in front of me … a kidney doctor. An infectious disease doctor and they’re very, very mad. They’re angry with me because I’m not taking my pills, I’m being very rude. I’m not listening to instructions. This is in the hospital. [I wasn’t taking my pills] because I didn’t want to believe it was as bad as they were telling me. I didn’t want to hear bad news. Now the bad news means I can’t work and I can’t make money as if that’s everything in life and it isn’t.

“They’re talking to me and one guy just gives me a kick right in the nuts. They go, ‘Well, Mr. Ashenoff, since you don’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation, I’m gonna put it to you in black and white. There’s a very good chance, and I mean over 60 percent that your heart is going to stop. What would you like me to do with that heart?’ The other guy goes, ‘Obviously, that didn’t seem to elicit a response with you.’ Of course it didn’t, motherf—er. I’m in shock. ‘Your kidneys are failing. What would you like to do with that? Donate it to science?’ They gave us [several options]. Then a chaplain came in, and you know I hate religion, and he wanted to pray with me. I almost threw him out the window.

“Then you just survey your life and you go, what have I done? Had a lot of fun. Did a lot of drugs. Traveled the world. Told a lot of people to go get f—ed, but I did it my way … I don’t want to lose that essence for nobody … At the end of the day, bro, I just want to live whatever I have left.”

When asked if he was in a compromised position when he got COVID-19, Konnan went on a rant about the industry.

“I was in a 1,000% compromised situation because I’m in a business where everybody in my business is a f—ing bulls—er and everybody is looking for validation and wants to get along. Everyone wants to see how much they can work me, like I’m some f—ing idiot that just woke up. Like I don’t know what the f— I’m doing. Like I haven’t seen every trick. Like I haven’t done every trick. Who do you think you’re talking to? We’ve come into a place in our lives where everything changes.”

WrestleZone wishes Konnan a continued speedy recovery.

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