Konnan Expresses Ongoing Criticism Towards Tony Khan Regarding Ring of Honor

Konnan Expresses Ongoing Criticism Towards Tony Khan Regarding Ring of Honor
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During the latest edition of his “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, Konnan commented on Tony Khan’s purchase and booking of Ring of Honor.

The AAA booker said, “He’s [Tony Khan] a Ring of Honor fan, grew up watching it, [and] now he bought it. To him, it has sentimental value. And all the hardcore marks, which are less than he thinks, they all pop for all these great matches that he puts together for them and him. But you’ve gotta forget about them — you’ve already got them. Like Disco [Inferno] says all the time, you’ve gotta draw new fans.”


He continued, “Bro, why would you buy a company to have it on YouTube? … Why wouldn’t you make ‘Rampage’ or ‘Collision’ one of your ROH shows?”

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In a recent episode of his podcast “Keepin’ It 100,” Konnan shared his thoughts on Tony Khan’s purchase and booking of Ring of Honor (ROH). Konnan, who is a booker for AAA, expressed that Khan’s decision to buy ROH was driven by sentimental value as he grew up watching the promotion.

According to Konnan, Khan caters to the hardcore wrestling fans by putting together great matches that they appreciate. However, he believes that Khan should focus on attracting new fans rather than solely catering to the existing fanbase. Konnan echoed the sentiments of Disco Inferno, another wrestling personality, who often emphasizes the importance of drawing in new fans.

Konnan questioned the decision to have ROH shows exclusively on YouTube, suggesting that Khan should consider featuring them on AEW’s other programs like “Rampage” or “Collision.” This would provide more exposure for ROH and potentially attract a wider audience.

It is worth noting that Khan’s acquisition of ROH has generated significant buzz in the wrestling community. Many fans are excited about the potential cross-promotional opportunities between AEW and ROH, as both promotions have a strong roster of talented wrestlers.

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Overall, Konnan’s comments shed light on the different perspectives surrounding Tony Khan’s purchase of Ring of Honor. While some applaud the move as a way to revive and expand ROH, others question the strategic decisions made in terms of booking and distribution. Only time will tell how this acquisition will shape the landscape of professional wrestling.