Konnan & Chris Jericho expose FUNNY Raven Stories | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Konnan & Chris Jericho expose humorous Raven Stories | Wrestling Shoot interview. Konnan and Chris Jericho Shoot on Raven on this wrestling shoots interview. As well they focus on the time Raven and Konnan regarded together on Donnie and Marie.

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Konnan & Chris Jericho Repeat Humorous Raven Stories
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These shooter and wrestler are elegant! reasonably well it's humorous because I had Raven on the show a pair a month within the past whatever became ok please our favourite factor we are going to have to maintain a show with Raven that's what I suggest you me and Raven favor to procure a show together what would the title that you the useless trivialities triumphant triumphant or something esteem .

That yeah ok let me articulate something that I belief became hilarious and it's so Chris Jericho let me dwelling this up so Raven comes up with this ludicrous word appropriate and Jericho didn't give it some belief so he went and he looked for it in a dictionary and came abet esteem two or three days later and referred to as them out on it and also you had been .

Merely that system let me expose you why why I don't esteem this show I don't even esteem it now nonetheless I watched it appropriate so I'd maintain something to chat with you about which will be lower than five minutes nonetheless I watched no longer easy ample ok exercise the phrases cuss a car Fergus sarcophagus appropriate and also you race initially fabricate what it system and the man mentioned it can .

You spell it which he couldn't and I belief to myself you don't must bring up any well-behaved phrases around Jericho because he’s going to name you out ala Raven am I appropriate or no longer fully appropriate better prospects are you’ll perhaps presumably also expose this became the mid nineties because I needed to transfer undercover agent in a dictionary I appropriate gave you that's my two or three days appropriate now prospects are you’ll perhaps presumably maintain silica .

Bond achieve nonetheless we had we had a appropriate a appropriate minute neighborhood of guys prospects are you’ll perhaps presumably grasp around around because esteem I mentioned you and Raven my level became is that you guys did reasonably appropriate and in the end we had our glasses nonetheless you guys had been a minute bit bit higher than that esteem you simplest example you bought into the NWO and my favourite factor is .

The achieve did you the least bit times stand every discontinuance of your interview yeah me Yeah appropriate within the abet of whoever had a mic appropriate within the abet of at bischof prospects are you’ll perhaps presumably the least bit times be within the shot there'd be 12 guys within the damn ring and then you definately're the nearer you'd the least bit times look comments procure my FaceTime one system or one more .

Whether you favor to give it to me or no longer nonetheless let me appropriate articulate something about Raven which I belief became hilarious too so we're on the Donny and Marie show appropriate and even Raven walk me and Raven what it's appropriate two random guys and as well they race yeah Raven I hear that you have got got an IQ of 145 and he goes out to 155 and then he goes I hear that you read books .

You realize per week they I read eight to 10 books conceal to conceal he had fed them these questions so they would inquire of him any quiet and he quiet gave him a low IQ so he may perhaps perhaps also articulate the next one how over is Raven and he forgot to instruct that they ate the ten books had been humorous books play that's one more graphic novels yeah and other .

One the opposite Ravens two more and the opposite Raven narrative is one time in Louisiana and Raven wasn't nervous to transfer after the troll listing of the yeah yeah and so this elevator opens up and it's esteem 3: 00 within the morning he's attempting to sneak this lady out with out anyone seeing him and the door open and he checked out me esteem bro I'd .

Comparatively look anyone at this 2nd along side the devil than this mother cuz I know he's gonna expose this lady became so unpleasant Whats up Kitty mentioned goodbye I suggest she became brutal I told and I knocked on Kevin Nash's door esteem Oh bro you've got to witness this got to witness cuz he's exterior I don't know if he became attempting to fetch his car or they had been ready protective she's .

Out of doorways sitting standing you're on the level yeah he became it became unfriendly he became wrote mercilessly for a pair of months we had been speaking about the time he tried to bring together undoubtedly an 80 one year worn lady tried to bring together him we're in Jordache jeans and she had a bike and he didn't sleep with her regrets it to presently time that's demanding ample yeah .

K I don't understand and I know you've considered this because if I undoubtedly maintain you maintain I don't understand how recurrently I with him into a club and he didn't need his flock to be Raven yeah he became esteem with me and disco and he's on the dance flooring dancing and coming end to any lady that's esteem an aviator or by myself I'm thinking wow there's cameras or security .

People here how did it procure away with us appropriate reliable it became the 90s issues are thoroughly different than
These pro wrestling grappler are reasonably reliable.

Konnan & Chris Jericho expose FUNNY Raven Stories | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Konnan & Chris Jericho tell FUNNY Raven Stories | Wrestling Shoot Interview