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These item are adorable!! welcome aid to shooting it straight alongside with your veteran buddy rudy good over all over again we are right here with belief to be likely the most staunch legends in educated wrestling and when i protest this i don't opt it lightly when i protest a memoir right here's a guy who has .

Been spherical the field many time and all over again who has wrestled in just a few of the main promotions in the united states and over all over again globally and he occurs to be heavenly right here at world colossal time wrestling it gives me immense pleasure and honor to introduce to you congo kong congo how .

You doing brother blessed and extremely flavored good man good so congo man you and that i we poke aid an extended ways i mean uh uh deliver me how long own you ever been wrestling properly uh closing october i renowned my 22nd year in wrestling 26 good sir wow wow hell of .

A scuttle yeah having a look for a minimum of 10 extra how did you procure interested by this wacky world of wrestling properly since i became as soon as a child i desired to be a wrestler after which i good came about to i performed for saginaw valley bid college after which i got right here dwelling for .

A summer season and that i saw a poster for a native company known as championship wrestling of michigan you're doubtlessly accustomed to scott easy obvious um yeah and uh they said down on the bottom you are attempting to must turn into a educated wrestler call this number and so at that level it became as soon as poke aid to hellhole college football .

That i didn’t expertise being spherical or pursue my dream and so i chose my dream so uh who who became as soon as the coach your coach started off with scotty z um that lasted about every week him and the fellow who uh who owned the owned the build had a falling out and so then he .

Uh hired in a guy by the name of joe ortega glided by el tejano and he's for sure educated a bunch of guys spherical the michigan scene myself integrated clearly and in holly michigan and so i carried out up with him and uh yeah .

Roughly moved on from there so make you bear in mind your first match who it became as soon as against and where it became as soon as at and first match i'm obvious it became as soon as immense ain't they the total first ones my first one i became as soon as just a few weekend and that i knew make a lockup and a headlock and love i said i became as soon as new out of school .

Soccer and the fellow's name became as soon as jt freeze if that brings aid any recollections because that became as soon as ages ago and uh he desired to are attempting to hit a spear so me not incandescent anything else about wrestling and being new out of school football in my solutions a spear became as soon as a form handle .

Determined and so i lit him and that i wasn't supposed to own interplay the match so i didn't know what to make i became as soon as roughly freaking out after i hit him because he became as soon as legit couldn't breathe and that i'm love having a poke searching about freaking out shedding .

Love shedding but hello we survived and recovered heavenly you’ve got gotten a bunch of novices out there working collectively obvious the stuff goes to head trying all forms of kooky love if when i at any time when i come across it i'm love what the hell became as soon as i thinking but i didn't know anybody .

And this is in the occasion you own been wrestling underneath the name uh osiris good sir k how long did you’ve got gotten that persona uh i’d protest for properly i light own it for sure i'm doing the present next weekend no manner bringing it aid uh for the closing couple years he's been uh retired i deliver um so for sure love i .

Would i’d switch to and fro when i when i didn't own a weekend where kong became as soon as booked because kong i may per chance perhaps even price x quantity of bucks for obvious i’d light possess obvious i procure work in as osiris and light possess k obvious um and .

Being throughout an outbreak guys are love hello uh right here's the pain we don't own any fans so our finances and that i became as soon as love yeah i'm not paying my face so i deliver you what i'll good be osiris heavenly light not taking any bumps either so .

You prefer bumps k quick forwarding uh to your time in uh impact wrestling it's no secret that you just own been belief to be likely the most discontinuance stars there let me ask you what what transpired there why isn't congo kong light kicking out .

Tna properly i'm ecstatic you requested not for sure but uh uh we're good shooting it straight that's all properly finally i mediate it became as soon as good um a matter of the leadership altering after which the new leadership for sure good not incandescent push a monster yeah uh it’s most likely you’ll perhaps well also possess me up feed me to .

Your high guy make whatever with the discontinuance guy but then you definately must possess me aid up fully it’s most likely you’ll perhaps well also't good feed me to guy after guy after guys without getting from now on steam dumb me and so properly that's what they did for years with uh abyss yeah yeah exactly exactly and and .

Even despite the incontrovertible truth that excuse me my monstrous ball match with abyss light has belief to be likely the most very gracious considered uh um properly survey counts for sure on youtube obvious you understand it light didn't mean anything else and it wasn't ample for them to proceed and make anything else out of it so .

I i don't know man love i have faith love it's it's love a new toy of the week form thing and they also lift these guys in and they also're love oh yeah we're gonna make this this and this after which they don't make anything else with it after which it's love on to the next guy and they also never for sure give anybody a .

Chance to create heavenly turn into that high well-known particular person uh piece of that pain is ex-fed guys x-wwe guys they'll lift them in and uh they're mechanically sitting up right here after which none of the the homegrown skill heavenly can ever contact them .

Subtle and that i mediate that's contaminated that's irascible for enterprise it's terrible yeah there's no motive that a mid carder may per chance perhaps even light be on high of your present the total time heavenly must you're must you're bringing this guy in he may per chance perhaps even light be getting your guys over yeah fully .

And so i have faith love um good i deliver presumably my model wasn't the same and that i've requested i've requested hello what am i able to make assorted what make you are attempting to own me to make you are attempting to own me you are attempting to own me juice up you are attempting to own me to to return up with memoir traces for you right here right here's 10 memoir traces .

For you uh make you are attempting to own me to change my model make you are attempting to own me to make that quick dart slap your thigh or what what would you love me to make heavenly in expose to maintain right here but they kept telling me properly we we for sure can't mediate of anything else for you and that i'm thinking .

Six foot six 350 pound monster i have faith love the memoir doubtlessly writes his stuff you good are choosing to not make anything else with me and that i mean if this is the case that's the case but be heavenly with you heavenly and that i felt love i never obtained a straightforward acknowledge heavenly and .

So that's not heavenly yeah for a guy who's given plenty to an organization yeah i mean you gave your heart and soul collectively yeah and that i have faith love you understand it had they performed that then i'd own been perfectly cool whatever they rapid me and been been in a build to be on my manner but because they so to talk jerk me .

Spherical what i mean i died it's it's left a bitter model in my mouth and that i don't feel love if they ever did call me aid love it wouldn't be an automatic yeah i'll come aid yeah i have faith love i obtained i’d own a checklist of demands all heavenly .

You obtained to make that you just obtained to make that and this wishes to be in my contract and that i opt on this vital money and what i mean it's it's i don't know i don't i don't i have faith love i've given them love you said i've given them yeah what i had to supply what they uh determined to make with it became as soon as on .

Them heavenly whether or not or not they dropped the ball if i became as soon as a flash in the pan k cool let me know i'm a flash in the portray heavenly heavenly and that i will poke on exactly exactly let's focus on uh happier cases let's focus on jcw hell yeah deliver us about your first .

Experiences at jcw what became as soon as that love um let's focus on your first gathering make you bear in mind it uh yeah i bear in mind uh i wrestled rhino um and that i bear in mind uh kevin gill being in the aid and uh he comes up to me he's love yeah i opt on you up uh i opt on you i opt on you to opt out a gore after which kick .

Out of the door after which i opt on you to opt out but any other one later on in the match and kick out of it too after which you're going to choke slam him and make him and that i said did you deliver him that because i became as soon as love own you ever considered rhino heavenly love his legs are as colossal as my waist bro .

Subtle and so rhino rhino being rhino the educated that he is he uh he he he made it work in a manner that it made sense and light became as soon as in a build to procure um the level throughout what we own been attempting to procure throughout and um you understand it became as soon as it aside from seeing the the bare .

Elephantine chicks and discovering what the drug bridge became as soon as and uh not for myself i stumbled upon the drug bridge and that i became as soon as love whoa all heavenly after they said drug bridge they made drug breeds yeah heavenly you’ve got gotten an array of stuff after which listening to that .

Somebody drowned that year yeah what became as soon as it what's the lake the name of the lake lake hepatitis scrutinize yeah folks swimming in that no i'm staunch bro i'm staunch no it became as soon as uh it became as soon as a abnormal roughly expertise uh exterior of wrestling the wrestling became as soon as stress-free heavenly the juggalos most common you .

Yeah they for sure did i mean properly they they pelted me with stuff properly that's that's how they present their esteem they light make stronger you even now on the independence aspect now yeah they i i obtained a message the assorted day uh after acting on uh juggalo night court docket and he's .

Love man i enjoyed your stuff on there uh you understand it's awesome following you thru the thru the years and blah blah blah and that i'm love i bear in mind in the occasion you mother but no i i uh i'm fully grateful to the client to the clowns because without them congo kong never would own .

Took build heavenly and it took a runt bit whereas for me to procure ancient to and procure over because i never desired to be what it’s most likely you’ll perhaps well set in solutions a stereotypical dusky character heavenly even supposing which may per chance perhaps even not own been their uh their purpose heavenly light one thing i always desired to shrinking away .

From obvious um after which i furthermore didn't are attempting to be a colossal dumb savage love good love being in the ring having the the the dignity to be in the ring with a guy love kamala um and hear love the issues that he would make or scrutinize the issues he would make and the absolute most realistic diagram he would .

call suits and his mannerisms and stuff love that uh roughly it worked for him heavenly but for me i didn't are attempting to be a colossal dumb savage heavenly i regarded at guys love closing warrior closing warrior became as soon as a savage yeah but he may per chance perhaps even talk .

I love the part of not talking because then there's no likelihood for me to position my foot in my mouth there you poke but so right here we are heavenly so there we poke and and uh um being the warrior he may per chance perhaps even he became as soon as he became as soon as gleaming he spoke intelligently so .

If he became as soon as gleaming then why couldn't i wrestle a toad yeah what i mean uh yeah we may per chance perhaps even wrestle lions and tigers bears in the jungle or are there bears in the jungle uh there may per chance perhaps well be there may per chance perhaps well be heavenly wow i'm obvious there's colossal hairy dudes in the jungle so they may per chance perhaps be .

Regarded as bears whatever obvious um and uh yeah i i i didn't are attempting to make it but i finally you yeah you mellowed up i obtained into it and that i i became as soon as love you owned it if i became as soon as gonna make it i'm gonna possess it mine heavenly i'm gonna possess the most productive out of .

This self-discipline that i will and congo for sure took you spherical the field it did my first my first ever airplane poke became as soon as properly with the clowns um but you understand it's to uh bfe new mexico where you smell the meth in the air and there's 10 euros in the crowd flipping me off .

Cussing me out and hello it became as soon as whatever i obtained pelted with all forms of drinks and faygo and all forms of stuff but it for sure became as soon as a blast and that i became as soon as ecstatic i became as soon as in a build to make it obvious fully so um your time at world colossal time wrestling let's focus on that you just're right here now .

Yeah how how make you’re feeling about uh uh being with uh kadeem mohammed and the nation and and over all over again it's not a knock on the nation of islam the least bit and that i i for sure are attempting to let folks know that that we indulge in and we appreciate the nation um so when .

Some folks opt it as we're attempting to disrespect i don't mediate we must not and clearly you're uh um working the the attitude must you are going to yeah and so yeah i don't mediate that you just look for it offensive heavenly um i own a study it as you own a look on the movie malcolm x .

With denzel washington in it how many of these folks are for sure muslim obvious what i mean they're in there they're portraying characters heavenly um now there are definite issues i just isn’t going to make obvious but obvious i don't deem that we are at that level .

heavenly and that i i love being with um kadeem i have faith love uh these guys for sure gel collectively man he's a runt bit brother to me yeah and he does hear to me and me having tv expertise i will deliver him all heavenly make this and he'll hear he'll make it and and it's it's cool love he .

He may per chance perhaps well uh may per chance perhaps well flip aid a runt bit bit and that i'll good good put my huge cool down heavenly all heavenly all heavenly and yeah k it's staunch man and that's that's what i love about wrestling is that you just have gotten so many relationships and friendships that you just create thru the years .

That of us start to trust you and they uh they invest themselves into what you are telling them since you that's for sure the payoff yeah it's the relationship constructing yeah and they also own a study your expertise and that i've i've always said if i opt the facts that i've gathered .

From the guys which own come sooner than me and that i aid it how's this enterprise going to head on fully you understand it's changed through the years yeah fully the guys ended up changed a complete assorted breed of folks we ancient to battle they poke to the keyboard hello whatever heavenly it’s what it’s heavenly but you .

Know i light feel love there’s data for me to pass on that they’ll utilize that they need whether or not they bewitch to put it to use or not that's not the level heavenly because i'm not going to be judged on the tip by god or allah or whoever whatever you call him heavenly by what they did or how they spoke back .

Is going to be about what i make fully what i put forth in this world fully fully properly hear um we're on the level of the present heavenly right here where we make a runt bit uh head check must you are going to it's most regularly a name association .

The first the names that i supply you the main thing that involves your solutions i’d esteem to hear because we're good shooting it straight brother yeah man are you ready yeah ready good jeff jarrett immense guy i own no factors with jeff jeff jeff put me on a world power um and .

There is yeah no no heat no sick will anything else i opt on nothing however the most productive for him i opt on he would commence up world power all over again be heavenly with you uh dba immense guy uh took a whereas for us to to uh penal advanced but um as soon as we did we we are family good good mm-3 .

Shrimp punk kid i love him to death i'm having a own a study him despite the incontrovertible truth that so this oh man neatly-behaved guy he's the motive i became as soon as in a build to procure to electrify he he uh he said i deserved a shot and he became as soon as going to make whatever it took to possess obvious i had that shot good good uh rudy hill .

Appropriate easy staunch dude always immense to scrutinize properly we've been shooting it straight with the one and handiest congo kong you'll be checking him out extra heavenly right here on the repair moreover to shooting it straight and pointless to protest on amazon prime over all over again thanks my buddy thanks .

Bro it's always a pleasure maintain tuned attention all runt corporations and entrepreneurs are you ready to opt out your company to the next stage right here is your likelihood to advertise your corporation or merchandise underneath the lights of world colossal time wrestling considered .

Worldwide for extra data call six 313 5 three three six seven let's opt your company colossal time tune in next week for extra world colossal time wrestling on the repair must you've enjoyed this video from roxtv.com possess obvious you observe .

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