Kofi Kingston Unsure About Doing More Royal Rumble Elimination Spots After Botches

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Kofi Kingston’s days of narrowly avoiding elimination in the Men’s Royal Rumble match may be over, given multiple botches over the years.

Since 2012, Kingston has come up with unique ways to avoid being eliminated from the 30-Man Rumble match, but has yet to win the bout itself.


Not every elimination escape has been perfect, and this year’s spot did not go as planned as seen in the clip below.

Speaking on the “Going Postl” podcast, Kingston recalled the spot and admitted that he isn’t sure about doing others like it in the future. He said,

“This past year [in the 2023 Men’s Rumble match] I was like, you know what? Let’s make this easy money. This should be simple, you know what I mean? I’ll jump to a chair. This is gonna be easy, especially after the year before [which was also botched.] We gotta’ just get back on the board and sure enough when I got knocked off, I came off so hard that when I turned around, I didn’t have time to adjust.

“I jumped out and had no time. So then I was like, oh, and then hit my head on the table and everything. Just get me out of here man. Get me the hell out of here. It’s over, it’s done.

“I’ve been in that position for so long that I try to think about things to do and it’s almost like reiterations of the older ones or trying to one-up the older ones. Then I’m thinking like, man, well risk-reward, is this worth it to try it and not do it? Or maybe that’s the deal, maybe that’s what I do now is like try it and then fail at it for the next 12 years and then have a… So I don’t know. I’m on the fence about where it’s gonna go.”

Kingston is currently out of action with an ankle injury and confirmed in March that he has undergone surgery.

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