Kofi Kingston Talks Big E’s Singles Potential, New Day’s Meta Moments

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Kofi Kingston Talks Big E’s Singles Potential, New Day’s Meta Moments

Photo by Bauzen/GC Images

Speaking with AL.com before this week’s SmackDown in Birmingham, WWE star Kofi Kingston had a few things to say regarding his New Day partner’s untapped potential and how The New Day gets away with so much of its shenanigans. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

On New Day getting away with “meta moments”

A lot of times, it doesn’t get the OK. But we’ve earned our long leash. Vince [McMahon] knows that when we’re out there, people are entertained. When we’re talking about what we’re going to do and Vince has to approve it, he’ll say “I don’t get it, but if they want to do it, then let them do it,” because he has the faith that we’re going to be entertaining with our delivery.

Best WWE Match in 2019

Oh wow, jeez. Uh…There’s a lot. It’s hard to put a finger on that one. I mean, Seth and Bray [Wyatt] had an interesting one recently. Even Rey Mysterio and Brock [Lesnar] just had a really good one, too. I don’t know, dude, there’s way too many good matches, especially with NXT. There’s so many guys out there capable of having amazing matches. It’s a cop-out answer, but I just can’t put a finger on one.

On Big E becoming a singles star

I agree 100 percent that he would have an amazing singles run. I think a lot of people think that would mean the New Day would have to break up, and that’s not the case. We’ve always looked at ourselves as a faction. We’ve never looked at ourselves as just a tag team. We’ve never put ourselves in a box as far as being one thing. One of the possibilities that we’ve discussed is all of us having singles titles and still being a group and doing it because we are brothers. It’s a very real friendship and bond. We push each other and want everyone to achieve the most they can achieve. I say it all the time, with me being the WWE champion, I was the one wearing the title, but it was all three of us that were the champions because, without Woods and E, I would not have been in that situation.

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