Kofi Kingston On Returning To The WWE Title Picture: I’m Just Looking For ‘One More Shot’

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Kofi Kingston On Returning To The WWE Title Picture: I’m Just Looking For ‘One More Shot’

Kofi Kingston WWE Talent

Photo by Bauzen/GC Images

With Kofi Kingston’s surging momentum on WWE RAW, it’s only natural to ask — is “KofiMania” happening again?

The first time around, the WWE Universe rallied behind Kingston so much that the company practically had no choice but to have him win a world title at WrestleMania 35. This run ultimately ended in October 2019, when Brock Lesnar squashed the fan-favorite star and took his title. Since then, Kingston has been relegated to the tag team division. But after he pinned Randy Orton and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley in the same night last Monday, many fans have been hoping to see the overdue sequel to Kingston’s crowning moment.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, the former WWE Champion responded to the idea that “KofiMania 2” is here by saying that he’s simply fighting for an opportunity after he endured a long stretch in which he was kept out of the main event scene.

“Nothing worthwhile ever came without hard work, so I think that makes this even more special,” said Kingston. “I don’t mind fighting for what I earn. So here we go again, looking for one more shot.”

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When it comes to potentially facing Lashley for the title, Kingston noted the untapped potential for a program between the two and compared their respective journeys to the top of the mountain.

“It feels really fresh,” said Kingston. “And we’re all underdogs. Look at Bobby’s journey to the title. Bobby’s grinded for so long to get to this point. He stepped away from WWE, came back with a vengeance and he found his way to the WWE championship. I know how hard he’s worked to get to this point, and I have a lot of respect for him. Bobby is a phenomenal champion, and I’m looking forward to mixing it up with him.”