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WWE Mae Young Traditional sensation Abbey Laith (Kimber Lee) visited with Vince Russo on Vixens Who Rule for a video shoot interview final December! (That is allotment 1 of two.) Test out many extra pro wrestling shoot interviews by subscribing and visiting our playlists. Dropped at you by

Within the origin aired on Dec. 28, 2015 – Vixens Who Rule episode #34

I care for wrestler and grappler, because they’re indulge in!! the next presentation is dropped at you by the realm community hiya all people welcome to this model of fixes indeed in the presence descend between and I don’t even supposing with reliable meeting for the very first time here’s the generous Kimberly how are you doing Kimberly I’m doing properly how are you k now you know I did win your accomplice on the recount Cherry Bomb mm-hmm however she used to be now not in effort with me care for you’re gonna be listen you’re a huge effort with me to that in a minute first listen I know small or no about you I bought some notes however I’m gonna pretty once or twice I decide to lift my visitors here I we I reliable cruise it to be reliable with you I care for we’re gonna focus on care for with two ragged girlfriends is that frigid works perfect for me k now Kimberly the main thing that jumped out at me is let me recount you this I’m a Long Island boy k however eight years ago I moved to Colorado and and I repeatedly I imply for over 20 years I wanted to switch to Colorado k oh man you’re the proper opposite of me since you were born and raised in a pinna in a location that would doubtlessly be my 2d different to stay and that’s Seattle Washington upright yep I’m in actual fact in Seattle upright now so now you you were born in Seattle and raised in Seattle mm-hmm however someday you stumbled on your blueprint to Philadelphia so that you just and I extra or much less did the flippity floppity how did you wind up in Philadelphia um I in actual fact went in the market for faculty I in actual fact win a level in dance education on high of all this wrestling I’m a dancer too um been dancing ballet for 23 years now so yep that’s how I stopped up in the market faculty I went to the University of the Arts k so however you’re again residing in Seattle now no I in actual fact still stay in Philadelphia I reliable happen to be visiting Seattle upright now so I gotta seek files from you this Kimberly and you know be reliable with me listen I’m care for I’m a Unusual Yorker thru and via and I lived there you know for care for the main 35 years in my life I did I left because I went to budge work for the WWE so I had to switch to Connecticut properly you know residing in Colorado now for the final eight years I imply I gotta recount you I wouldn’t trade this in for the realm now I I’ve been to Washington once or twice and obviously I know Philadelphia and I bought to be reliable with you no disrespect to of us that stay in Philly in the market’s pretty about a pals in Philly however it’s bought to be two diverse world you don’t favor Philly over swish Seattle Washington the complete time however Philly is an efficient situation for wrestling upright now so that’s extra or much less why I’ve planted there however who’s aware of I would possibly perhaps well presumably switch wherever in actual fact I’m young and now’s the time to switch around and who’s aware of in actual fact properly that’s reckoning on uh you know for individuals who cease wholesome or now not and we’re gonna we’re gonna glean it to that pretty in a while Kimberly I don’t I don’t have to damage the mood yeah are you telling me is there no wrestling scene in Seattle uh I imply after I was younger rising up here I didn’t truthfully I wasn’t allowed to glimpse wrestling after I was pretty one so care for there’s aspects the keep care for I don’t even didn’t even glean to ogle what used to be going on at WWE however um so as a long way as independence budge I in actual fact had no conception I imply since starting wrestling and doing stuff on the East Waft I’ve heard of ones here and there however from what I label the Athletic Fee is stunning advanced in Washington Voice so that’s why there’s now not pretty about a wrestling reveals here now Kimberly is that a flower in your hair yes fabricate you largely build on that or used to be that build in especially for me on this interview um this one is the main time I’ve ever outdated this flower now the keep did you glean that flower seek for from um I reliable I care for pin-up ladies loads that’s extra or much less what started carrying flowers no for individuals who enlighten pinup ladies you’re now not talking about care for the Bettie pages and other folks yeah I deem you win got now Kimberly I am hoping you don’t mind me pronouncing however you’re most provocative 25 years ragged how the heck would you know about Bettie Page I beautiful rip my beautiful fogeys they raised me upright I know about pretty about a older stuff so that you just know pretty about a ragged faculty stuff mm-hmm no no Kim I acquire this charming now you you know you you you talked about be aware I diagram conclude up issues as you budge alongside you know other folks win called me the Oprah of podcasting reliable so that you just know small issues as you budge alongside you now the two issues I picked up what you went to college again east for dance and you’ve been doing ballet for 23 years reliable now here’s the article care for I passe to recount them yeah I passe to recount young wrestlers wanting to interrupt into the trade this the complete time I passe to recount them and it used to be and it’s the a linked with writers in wrestling listen I’ll be reliable with you I don’t know I recount other folks the complete time I don’t know for individuals who’d have to make this a occupation different and it has nothing to fabricate with how beautiful you are otherwise you know dampering your hopes and dreams let’s face it there’s very few opportunities to make it and and make an even residing in the wrestling trade however I would possibly perhaps well presumably have to deem Kimberly that’s the a linked when it involves dancing oh yeah it would possibly perhaps well perhaps perhaps well even be worse so my request would possibly perhaps well well be this for individuals who budge to college for dancing upright what is it that you just in actual fact have to fabricate for individuals who graduate faculty what’s the game device um it is a long way dependent for me I went for the instructional level because I extra or much less regarded at it pretty bit extra realistically and used to be care for seek for the odds especially because it’s the proper opposite of wrestling the keep there’s strategy too many girls who dance there’s care for a million of us and there’s care for three boys and so all of them glean jobs however the ladies it’s care for you’re one in a million it doesn’t subject they can substitute you in two seconds so I regarded at it extra realistically and used to be care for I know I’m an even trainer and I know I’m an even choreographer so I’m gonna glean the trainer level and that doubtlessly used to be the greater blueprint to budge since you furthermore mght had the chance to glean a performance level the keep you targeted on taking classes and getting yourself ready to glean a talented job however even then for individuals who fabricate most dance jobs don’t pay care for I know my dance mentor when he used to be working in a professor company didn’t even make 25,000 a twelve months so care for you’re still doing other stuff on high of it the parallels between dance and wrestling are stunning stunning loopy for individuals who begin to search around for at it so for individuals who for individuals who talk about care for a teaching level does that in actual fact equate to care for opening your possess faculty I had to prefer pretty about a trade classes I had to fabricate a hundred and seventy five hours of student teaching myself thru my senior twelve months some will some of which used to be with care for special populations my popular classes to educate for the senior electorate I taught we would bid them issues care for the beat it dance and care for it used to be gargantuan they were adorable however I also taught from there I taught the complete strategy the complete system down to care for one and two twelve months ragged and so they were gargantuan adorable too those two stages though care for in actual fact ragged in actual fact young very linked solutions to educate of it used to be it used to be frigid attending to ogle all that and yeah I are trying after I was at WCW there used to be a vignette the keep ernest the cat’ miller used to be looking out to educate the senior electorate dance and you label it didn’t determine too properly for the small one he didn’t win the persistence I would possibly perhaps well presumably deem one would wish can judge it bid the electorate never I’ve never talked about this publicly I’ve never admitted this to any one earlier than I’m a gargantuan fan of Dance Mothers I glimpse Dance Mothers I in actual fact glimpse Dance one now so that you just would possibly perhaps well well recount me I’m distinct you glimpse the recount is that beautiful or is it in actual fact blown out of percentage my mom wasn’t a stage mom my mom care for moderately than my mom loved doing my hair and makeup for reveals after I was small and making me pretty princess however and he or she would reduction she would volunteer and stuff too however um there were some moms who’re care for upright there every practice looking out at care for my daughter wishes to fabricate this and this and I knew ladies who had care for ballet rooms built in their condo care for craziness so some of it is in actual fact extra or much less beautiful however in the teaching and getting yelled at and the stress of the rehearsals and care for getting talked the complete system down to there are some lecturers care for that Abby Lee is an loyal power yeah you know me me and my foremost other budge again in for the complete time because care for my foremost other in actual fact doesn’t care for Abby Lee and he or she thinks Abby Lee’s advanced on the kids and I’m sitting there I glimpse every li and I and I and I enlighten and you recount me how you feel about this I enlighten I deem when the kids are older they’re gonna be very grateful to having any individual care for Abby Lee in their lives the strategy she teaches them discipline and request request essentially the most provocative out of them I deem when those ladies are ragged sufficient to label they’re gonna worship it fabricate you compromise with that or is she strategy too laborious on the small ladies oh no I had lecturers that were reliable as laborious on on me care for reliable it’s you there’s you aren’t you’re never dumb you’re expected to win your hair on point and be there alongside with your stuff you’re gonna work as laborious as you would possibly perhaps well well don’t focus on for the duration of sophistication and for individuals who fabricate you glean kicked out care for it used to be it used to be in actual fact strict for me too so I completely label it and I worship each one among my lecturers for that because I’ve learned beautiful etiquette and other issues in life now Kimberly did you ever deem that in your wildest dreams you were gonna be sitting down with Vince Russo having a dialog about dance did that win a crush on upright now I’m talking about dance care for I’m a girly man I win no downside with that whatsoever no here’s what I caught – I know you’re 25 and you additional or much less threw in there I’ve been dancing for 23 years I’ve been doing ballet you’ve been doing this since you were two years ragged now I in actual fact have to I in actual fact have to seek files from you this Kimberly because listen for individuals who started doing this at two years ragged and you’ve persevered to fabricate it for 23 years both one or two issues happen I deem I know which one it is however I have to make distinct both you in actual fact had a fancy this I imply reliable fully fancy it otherwise you know let’s face it pretty once or twice early an age care for fogeys you know power their kids to fabricate sure issues you know prefer the piano lessons play soccer be part of Cub Scouts you know and pretty once or twice the kids abhor it however you straight away at that young and age you loved it that indispensable um yeah I imply I don’t know if after I was that young i in actual fact knew however my complete life my mom I was lucky and he or she had build me in every thing I at one point used to be dancing taking part in soccer baseball swim group I was a diver care for therefore I did every thing and had no free time with out note and each time my mom would budge k it’s attending to be too indispensable you ought to diagram conclude one thing I repeatedly diagram conclude dance and so it in actual fact used to be my different and I in actual fact fabricate did fancy it that indispensable and care for I don’t glean to prefer class and fabricate it as indispensable as I however passe to anymore reliable with the strategy my life has changed however I still fancy it reliable as indispensable as I repeatedly did so can’t judge you still actively fabricate it budge prefer a class doubtlessly once a month or so and it in actual fact is ballet the complete tope gargantuan thing on the toes I imply it’s I haven’t been on point in about a years however yeah I’ve accomplished a complete bunch work I’ve accomplished Nutcracker Swan Lake Snoozing Beauty Giselle all of it that’s that’s what is named pointe work be aware I never knew that you just reliable taught me that now does that afflict yes because realistically care for seek for at your toes and be aware how they line up another folks win one gargantuan toe that’s longer than all their toes another folks are lucky and win two toes which can perhaps well well be the a linked dimension another folks are literally unlucky and their center toes longer than their gargantuan toe that’s all you’re dancing on is that one or two toes care for and that’s all of your physique weight properly so that’s provocative so in other phrases no subject how long you fabricate it even for individuals who’ve been doing it for 23 years no subject how long you fabricate it it still hurts yeah it still hurts fully I can’t judge I’m sitting here talking dance with hiya I’m Kimberly I’m attracted to you and what I’m doing is I’m buttering you up since you’re gonna glean you’re gonna glean the ruler you’re gonna glean the ruler when we glean to the high of this interview k now consult with me about this here’s a ballerina you you even talked about it here and I seen it on your Twitter on occasion you call yourself the princess here’s pretty princess doing the getting on point hurting the toes how the heck does that transition into skilled wrestling you label it used to be it used to be repeatedly one thing I preferred after I was pretty one even after I wasn’t allowed to glimpse it I would possibly perhaps well presumably build it on TV staunch immediate and my mom came in my room changed the channel um I had a pair pals who repeatedly had it on so I imply I did repeatedly fancy it and repeatedly are trying to glimpse it and other folks care for Lita and China and ivory are ones that reliable caught out to me as pretty one and I win no conception how struggle it care for how to procure to WWE because all I ever seen used to be pretty bit here and there and so it used to be reliable extra or much less this conception in the again of my mind my complete life however then after I moved to the East Waft and came out here for faculty to dance I stopped up working in a alarmed condo in South Philly called scare Factory that’s upright subsequent to the ECW Arena they’re care for linked and I had pals who were wrestlers and extra or much less crossed over because they worked the alarmed condo too and I stopped up going to a recount and meeting the upright other folks to focus on because I educated out a czw so I stopped up in actual fact meeting Vijay Hyde reliable from going to a recount with a chum and bought accurate into a dialog about practising and Here I am I reliable I went for it because it used to be repeatedly one thing I was care for I would possibly perhaps well presumably have to fabricate that however I win no conception how and it wasn’t licensed in my condo so I reliable never asked and then k I need you to questions I bought I bought a write down the 2d one because um I omit the main request is why weren’t you allowed to glimpse it earlier what what what what downside did your fogeys win with it um I deem reliable the violent my mom conception it used to be too violent and on the 2d after I was younger it used to be extra or much less the attitude condo technology too so it wasn’t very PG there used to be some stuff my mom used to be care for my small small one doesn’t have to ogle that so I deem that used to be allotment of it I I was stunning stunning sheltered rising up now not a gruesome thing did you win got any brothers and sisters I fabricate I in actual fact win a younger brother he reliable grew to turn into 18 so now used to be he a wrestling fan as properly now he never in actual fact he’s extra care for the win sport nerd he reliable never in actual fact bought into it k I was repeatedly the sporty one now Kimberly I’m gonna seek files from you this request and I deem this request is terribly poignant when it involves girls breaking in the trade and you’re most provocative 25 now so how ragged were you for individuals who started practising I’m 19 k let me seek files from you this I deem here’s terribly basic for folks looking out at this interview and especially you know ladies in highschool now that you just know I talked to pretty about a girls you know care for you and it’s the partiality started in highschool they graduated from highschool they wanted to be wrestlers now listen I I know pretty about a wrestling faculties and other folks who flee wrestling faculties and I know with pretty about a them care for if they glean a student in they they know there’s no strategy no how the student is ever going to turn into a wrestler however you know moderately than recount them that up front you label it’s a trade so they’ll prefer their cash to plow thru practising so I wanted to seek files from you now with that on the at that young age that you just’re in being a female care for how did you know about a issues initially how did you know the guy you know who taught you about hiya you ought to fabricate this you ought to Practice #1 how did you know he wasn’t hitting on you and and number two care for how did you know k listen I’m reliable gonna prefer you money however you’re in actual fact now not going wherever or gonna make a name for yourself on this trade care for how did you know that um I imply I bought I had pretty about a pretty other folks who were there truthfully after I first started care for pretty about a my influences from dragula he’s how I would possibly perhaps well presumably enlighten doubtlessly my one among my most provocative trainers um and upright from the starting even after I came and did the tryout care for I would possibly perhaps well presumably care for I would possibly perhaps well presumably reliable reliable because from dancing to I would possibly perhaps well presumably extra or much less be aware that they’re care for oh I wasn’t expecting her so as to fabricate that or care for I would possibly perhaps well presumably attain in and so they when they were teaching me care for the straightforward frequent issues that you just study in the starting I picked up stunning immediate reliable because I diagram conclude issues up like a flash some dancing my complete life I’m very visual learner and I can study physical actions and um I don’t know I would possibly perhaps well presumably reliable recount that they seen capability in me and that weren’t I won’t necessarily enlighten that DJ Hyde wasn’t hitting on me after I started practising because he indubitably used to be however I imply I even win self admire and shut that down in a short time and with very indispensable care for no I’m here to Practice I have to study to fabricate this care for and that’s why I’m here and and so they respected that which properly that’s that’s loads you know Kimberly because some ladies would never enlighten that and likewise on the opposite aspect some guys would never fetch that so I deem that says loads concerning the both of you mm-hmm yeah I imply it I’m to now not disclose that care for there aren’t continual guys or no subject however and wrestling has a bunch of canines in it however that’s life – you gotta you better win your possess requirements for yourself you know Kimberly here’s staunch provocative to me because I never knew any one would a dancing background glean into wrestling so how did that reduction you to how did the years of the dancing Smith’s how did that reduction you to in wrestling oh my gosh footwork physical skill after I came in flexibility partnering work and dance is candy care for doing moves collectively in wrestling um I had endurance all upright care for that reliable so many solutions and care for being ready to search around for at any individual fabricate one thing and be ready to reproduction care for I bought that in actual fact like a flash because that’s what I’ve repeatedly accomplished for wager dance you glimpse any individual fabricate one thing and you reproduction it yes k let me seek files from you this now has wrestling taken precedence over dance now as you seek for to the long flee truthfully it has it’s extra or much less I would possibly perhaps well presumably make wrestling the one thing I fabricate every day that’s that’s what I would possibly perhaps well presumably favor um I feel care for dance never would win panned out for me as a long way as performing goes I was reliable because I was beautiful and I made it to college and did all that however the extent of skills that is in the dance scene for ladies and the blueprint many girls there are I would possibly perhaps well presumably I can can still be a trainer and I can still pass on every thing I know however as a long way as care for as a long way as I would possibly perhaps well presumably win wanted to budge performing doubtlessly wasn’t gonna happen however within that I deem the blessing used to be that I did acquire wrestling and it’s one thing I’d in actual fact connect with and I still win that performance aspect however I also glean to be care for this badass and care for it this complete other aspect of me I never in actual fact bought to particular thru dance that I decide to it it’s taken over pretty about a issues for me in an even strategy oh yeah you label it’s reliable silly to me that you just know you you know you you on the complete enlighten care for you know properly you label it’s advanced to make it at that level this then the opposite thing and I’m reliable sitting here thinking care for with 23 years of skills though care for you’ve bought to be a form of now you’ve bought a I’m you ought to be in care for care for a genetic freak nearly at this point glean a job as a female in dance care for I imply as a long way as Bali goes I wouldn’t be a ballet dancer I didn’t win the toes for it and that’s a genetic thing care for there’s nothing I would possibly perhaps well presumably fabricate um standard dance I doubtlessly would win had a better shot however I reliable I wanted to be in a single among the high corporations and that it’s reliable doubtlessly now not gonna happen however in other phrases for individuals who turn into the main wrestler on Dancing with the Stars you would possibly perhaps well well prefer all of it yeah let’s fabricate it k now Kimberly let’s uh let’s let’s glean into let’s glean into the wrestling pretty bit now I I read that one and you talked about that here one among your most provocative influences used to be China is that factual yes properly what used to be it about her um I repeatedly preferred that she stood up to each person boys ladies that didn’t subject she used to be reliable she fought upright alongside with the boys I I loved it I reliable fancy that allotment about her no you know I ain’t talking to you and you know you making that assertion about China here you are the ballerina the princess however I’m also getting care for were you pretty tomboy you ought to still the a linked doesn’t seem care for those two budge collectively I label it doesn’t at all I in actual fact win a in actual fact girly issues about me care for I care for doing my hair I build on flowers care for I care for makeup however then there’s some issues the keep I’m reliable now not girly at all what extra or much less a girl were you in highschool were you two were you the girl you know striking out with the guys you know being one among the guys laughing it up or were you though yeah what used to be it the dance aside were you oh I was in actual fact with the complete band musicians care for striking around with the kids looking out to be in rock bands and going to their reveals and pack it in there with them because my most efficient buddy is a drummer still is to this recount day we’ve been pals for 12 years now and I’ve been to care for every evolution of him being in a band be aware them from being in actual fact awful to now he’s in actual fact in actual fact beautiful and that that’s the keep I was I was care for the punk-rock small one know what I’m gonna seek files from you this since you know you you are you know you talked about you had some older influences your fogeys Bettie Page what some older affect and song that you just preferred oh I imply I I’m gonna sound care for I indubitably came out of Seattle upright here I care for nirvana I care for Jimi Hendrix I care for Pearl Jam Audioslave Soundgarden care for any of them you know what so Kimberly you were in actual fact you were in Seattle when that grunge used to be in actual fact going on upright were you too young at that age is it system is that also the song scene in Seattle oh yeah you still attain here and all people’s bought flannel and ripped up jeans what fabricate you deem about this I had I had the bassist of the budge-budge’s Kathy Valentine apply me on Twitter a pair weeks that’s in actual fact helpful and has agreed to attain on this recount I deem that makes me however k we gotta talk about this rustling Dave you know I don’t even know the keep the so now to procure to understand after I glean upset care for what I fabricate generally to prefer my composure is I’ll hit my head against the microwave so that you just know that’s me looking out to style my composure k all upright now you’re employed for an organization frequently in Philly reliable yes what’s the name of that company one more time are Philly all upright now not and Phil I work for the two corporations I work for most frequently are chakkar and Beyond hora and beyond yes what about what about I believed you’re employed on the shimmer as properly oh k k all upright now the keep what company what you’re working for when this incident took location and you know there’s most provocative one there’s most provocative one it talked about you were I going to talk about beyond wrestling that’s Rhode Island and you still work for them I fabricate so that you just’re gonna k so that you just’re gonna be PC for the duration of this rant reliable yes I’ll be reliable you’re gonna be reliable fully reliable fully no no can’t judge let me give you pretty little bit of a background so that you just want you to label the keep are my emotional tie is to this this isn’t this isn’t an act here’s one thing I seen that in actual fact in actual fact affected me and I gotta give you pretty little bit of a background so that you just label k initially I’ve been essentially the most provocative advocate on the earth from day one for ladies in wrestling I I care for I care for stylish girls and I you know working at WWE WCW TNA working around the complete girls it used to be a in actual fact sexist world you know the guys didn’t care for when the ladies bought over the ladies were kept down and the ladies would fabricate every thing they would possibly perhaps well perhaps well well to prefer their situation you know exit there work tougher than the guys because they knew they were the underdog in the wrestling trade and and and you know the guys don’t have to hear this however as a author and a guy that makes the residing on rankings the ladies repeatedly out thru the males repeatedly they repeatedly out thru the males in the rankings and it even bought to the point that the knockouts at one point grew to turn into so standard in TNA that after I was writing for a whereas I literal there used to be two knockout matches every thing in a recount because they out drew the guys however with the ladies it’s repeatedly an uphill battle however care for as a author one among the issues that used to be gargantuan for me used to be you know the ladies repeatedly felt they repeatedly had to demonstrate themselves you know and you know they were in a man’s world so after I passe to work with them you know they weren’t advanced at all you know pretty once or twice they would apply instructions fabricate you know what I asked them to fabricate and that’s why pretty about a them bought over since you know care for I’m a author I’m on the outdoor having a seek for in my job is to glean you over pretty once or twice with these wrestlers it’s ego and it’s pro and can know better than the author is aware of and you know pretty once or twice that works against them because they’re most provocative seeing issues one strategy the ladies were so open every thing and that’s why the majority of them bought over k now one among essentially the most proficient ladies I’ve ever worked with and so they were all gargantuan proficient however one among those I fully fell in fancy with at WCW used to be Daphne Daphne is one among my popular she wanted shimmer doesn’t she shine is the keep I repeatedly glean why fabricate they win to win such linked group shine shimmer fabricate you deem any individual would attain up with a particular name and the pre-recount is sparkle ridiculous all upright so that you just win got you met Daphne on this planet I care for her I care for her to loss of life doesn’t we’d heart of a girl this lady she is aware of I care for any upright k at TNA there used to be a match and III don’t know all people that used to be fervent I know a bitch used to be fervent I deem Raven used to be fervent you don’t match I’m talking about I know Raven used to be fervent I know I deem Mick used to be fervent Mick Foley used to be fervent I judge Raven used to be fervent and Daphne used to be fervent mm-hmm k I’ll never omit looking out on the recount on a video display you know because at PC other folks don’t label you know Kimberly as a author they deem care for the author lays out the match’s writers don’t lay out matches we on the complete enlighten here’s what we favor as a keep so we can glean to the next chapter and you know the agents and the boys lay out the matches be troubled so care for after I’m looking out at a match I don’t know what the physique of that matches I don’t know you know so I was looking out at this one particular match I know used to be a pay-per-gape and I seen Daphne reliable prefer this care for hellacious bump and you to procure to label one thing guys will fabricate no subject they have to fabricate to glean over I bought it listen I’ll be reliable with you now not now not too long ago I bought into it with Bubba because they did you be aware that situation Dixie took I did I went fully ballistic initially she’s a female she’s stunning she’s care for 125 kilos 2d of all it used to be the the main bump she’s ever taken in her life third of all I knew she used to be gonna budge into it timid stiff and you know for individuals who’re timid that she hurting yourself to multiply by a million my flame I also knew Bubba used to be doing it to glean himself over I imply care for that’s why the complete guys fabricate it that’s why they did it with this despot with Daphne to glean themselves over so that you just know I imply I threw so many crimson flags at that you just know Bubba bought sizzling at me even Dixie bought sizzling at me on the high of the day she harm up breaking two bones in her again mm-hmm you know so so that you just know I i sat there and that i watched the Daphne’s gruesome situation and I was timid to loss of life timid to loss of life so upright away I’m looking ahead to her to attain on the opposite aspect of the curtain and care for I had to prefer it easy because I knew she used to be afflict I knew she used to be in shock I knew she used to be pro wrestling’s historical previous class is now in session with again to the territories be part of host Jim Cornette and JJ Dillon as they explore Mid Atlantic Wrestling sitting there with his arms care for this used to be Jim Crockett standing three and a half of hours of wrestling historical previous told thru a rare memorabilia and distinctive photos nothing high Wahoo McDaniel and Johnny Valentin featuring over an hour of lost mid-atlantic film photos from Jim Cornette’s assortment the small one from Minnesota who’s gonna be one thing Ric Flair head again to Mid Atlantic Wrestling and shoot interviews still
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Kimber Lee Abbey Laith Shoot Interview w/ Vince Russo Piece 1 – Vixens Who Rule Archive

Kimber Lee Abbey Laith Shoot Interview w/ Vince Russo Part 1 - Vixens Who Rule Archive