Killer Kross Calls Out Dave Bautista At Bloodsport II (Video)

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Killer Kross Calls Out Dave Bautista At Bloodsport II (Video)Killer Kross

After coming away with a victory over Nick Gage during tonight’s Bloodsport II event, Killer Kross took to the mic to make a surprising challenge. Following the victory, Kross thanked Gage for the match, praising him for the match before issuing a challenge to a former WWE superstar.

“I just got one thing quick to say, I got a question that I wanna ask, it’s an open question, and I’m asking it respectfully,” he said. “There’s a guy out there who says he’s retired, he says he’s retired but being in this ring, in front of everybody in this building, I f****** love this business, I f****** love it, and there’s no way that he doesn’t love it anymore either. So I don’t believe that he’s retired, so I’m asking respectfully…David Bautista.”

After mentioning his name, the crowd erupted and began to chant for both Kross and Bautista. After listening to the crowd for a moment, Kross once again asked Bautista for a match, saying that he doesn’t know him “from a hole in the wall,” but to do it for the fans. While it’s unlikely this match will happen, it would be interesting to see, and is fun to see Kross issuing out the challenge.

.@realKILLERkross just called out Dave Bautista and invited him to #Bloodsport!!!!

— WrestleZone on Mandatory (@WRESTLEZONEcom) September 15, 2019

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