Kevin Sullivan To Appear On Jim Cornette Podcast To Give His Perspective On The Chris Benoit Tragedy

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Kevin Sullivan To Appear On Jim Cornette Podcast To Give His Perspective On The Chris Benoit Tragedy

Kevin Sullivan

Jim Cornette announced on the most recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru that he will be giving Kevin Sullivan the opportunity to speak about the Chris Benoit tragedy. Cornette states that on the April 10 episode of The Jim Cornette Experience that Sullivan will have the shot of an open-ended interview to give his perspective of Nancy Benoit’s story, plus how the heartbreaking matter has affected him personally. This will be the first time on a mainstream platform that Sullivan has done such. Cornette cites the reason for giving Kevin this platform is because The Dark Side Of The Ring unintentionally made him come across negatively.

“The glaring exception was Kevin Sullivan and because he was not there to tell his story, he came off badly, undeservedly so I thought because a lot of us in wrestling know a lot of the backgrounds and more of the personalities and more of the stories than just these knuckleheads that think they know everything on the internet,” Cornette stated. He brought the matter up to producer Evan Husney and director Jason Eisener.

“I brought that up to Evan and Jason and they started thinking about it and they had asked Kevin to be apart of the program and I won’t reveal now that he wasn’t but I would say that it was either miscommunication I would label it or lack of communication and we’re going to be getting into that,” he said. “He didn’t know what the thing was gonna be like and he didn’t know how big this thing was going to become and he didn’t want to upset Nancy’s parents, but anyway now that Evan and Jason was kind of feeling bad that his story was not in there and as both you and I talked, we thought that he undeservedly came off badly because he wasn’t there to talk and just one line saying ‘Kevin Sullivan declined to be interviewed for this show’ made it sound like he had something to hide or he was trying to protect himself, when in actuality it was lot of case it was the other way around.”

“I hope that everybody will listen, we’re not trying to do this for a big ratings deal, it’s not ‘sweeps month’, but we want that story to get out because that’s the one that has not been told, of all of this, that’s the one that hasn’t been told because of Kevin’s desire basically not to hurt the family anymore than they’ve already hurt by all of this…”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

A new episode of Dark Side Of The Ring airs tonight at 10 pm EST on VICE with its subject being ECW’s New Jack.

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