Kevin Sullivan On Konnan Being Hulk Hogan’s Equivalent In Mexico

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Wrestling veteran Kevin Sullivan has reasserted the belief that Konnan was as big a star in Mexico as Hulk Hogan was in the United States during his heyday.

On “Tuesday with the Taskmaster,” Sullivan, who worked with Konnan in WCW, spoke about the latter being ‘over’ in Mexico. He said,


“I don’t think people understand what a big star Konnan was. In Mexico, he was like Hulk Hogan. They had the TripleManias because of him, and it was a unique thing because he’s not Mexican — he’s part Cuban and Puerto Rican. He got over there [in Mexico] like gangbusters.”

Sullivan added that he feels WCW never really capitalized on Konnan’s popularity and skills in the ring, stating “I think we really blew it.”

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