Kevin Owens Sues Shane McMahon For $25 Million, Wants Him Fired

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Kevin Owens Sues Shane McMahon For $25 Million, Wants Him Firedkevin owens

The feud between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon intensified on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live, as Owens – who was fired last week – appeared in the crowd of SmackDown Live and took a seat. Shortly after, McMahon was served backstage with a lawsuit on behalf of Owens. After making his way down into the ring, McMahon invited Owens into the ring to discuss the issue.

Once inside the ring, McMahon revealed that Owens had actually filed a $25 million lawsuit against him. Owens then went on to explain his plan to the WWE universe, revealing how after McMahon assaulted Owens last week during the King of the Ring match between Shane and Chad Gable, Owens realized that the only way to hurt McMahon was to sue him.

Prior to leaving the ring, Owens also went on to say that a clause in the lawsuit would allow Owens to actually fire McMahon should Owens win, leaving McMahon alone in the ring to contemplate how this would go.

"You've been served."#SDLive @shanemcmahon

— WWE (@WWE) September 18, 2019

"All I wanna do is hurt you, but I finally realized the best way to do that is hit you where it hurts the most and that is your wallet and your pride…" – @FightOwensFight #SDLive

— WWE (@WWE) September 18, 2019

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