Kevin Owens Requests Shawn Michaels to Participate in WrestleMania Annually, Plus Updates on Natalya

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Kevin Owens recently took part in a Fanatics Live Q&A on the ‘UpUpDownDown’ channel.

During the Q&A session, Owens revealed that he’s asked the Heartbreak Kid for a WrestleMania match every year. He said,

“I keep bothering Shawn Michaels every year to come back. He just won’t. He’s so nice about it every year. This year, I texted him, he didn’t answer me for two months and then when he answered me it was to say, ‘Well, I know I’m a little late, but I just had shoulder surgery, so I don’t think it’s happening.’”

He jokingly added, “You could’ve said no two months ago. You didn’t have to get cut for it.”

Michaels teamed with Triple H against Kane and The Undertaker at WWE Crown Jewel 2018. This marked his final match in WWE.

Natalya and TJ Wilson run the Dungeon 2.0 training facility for wrestlers to train at, and they often work with talent from all of the major promotions.

While speaking with DS Shin on the “Ring the Belle” podcast, Natalya commented on working with talent from all promotions and being able to help wrestlers out.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On working with talent from all promotions: “So with our Dungeon, it’s like a workshop. It’s for intermediate to advanced people that just want to kind of work on things and fine-tune and hone their craft, but TJ and I have so many friends in the industry that I’m not going to be like, listen, you don’t work in WWE, so we can’t talk. If you love this and you have a passion for this, we can make it work. TJ and I love helping. We love to help people that love this. When I look at Moose, for example, I know Moose just won the TNA championship. I think I have so much respect for Moose and how hard he’s worked in his journey. And when Moose asked us to train, I thought, why not? Why not? He loves this. Billie Starkz asked me if she could come train with us, and I was like, yeah, I would love to get in there with you and mix it up.”

On being able to help wrestlers out: “I love being able to help people do what they love. It’s hard because we only have a small space. So I try not to have more than 15 people there at a time. But it’s so cool to be able to work with women and men that love this. From Angelo Dawkins to Ashante Thee Adonis to Moose to B-Fab. B-Fab puts in so much work. She works so hard. I told her, I said, we don’t get ready, we stay ready. She’s somebody that’s really going to blow everybody away. I’m so, so, so proud of her. I’m excited. Love having Shotzi in our Dungeon. Shotzi works so hard. Of course, Liv Morgan’s an OG of the Dungeon and Liv is one of my favorite people to be in the ring with so I love working with Liv. It’s amazing. I just love people that have passion for this, and we want to help them in whatever way we can.”

Kevin Owens, the popular professional wrestler, recently participated in a Q&A session on the ‘UpUpDownDown’ channel, where he revealed his persistent attempts to secure a WrestleMania match with legendary wrestler Shawn Michaels. Owens humorously shared that he has been bothering Michaels every year to make a comeback, but the Heartbreak Kid has always declined politely. This year, Owens even texted Michaels, who took two months to respond, only to inform him that he had recently undergone shoulder surgery and couldn’t make a return.

Michaels, known for his iconic matches and contributions to the wrestling industry, last competed in WWE at Crown Jewel 2018, teaming up with Triple H against Kane and The Undertaker. Since then, he has focused on his role as a trainer and mentor to aspiring wrestlers.

Speaking of training facilities, Natalya and TJ Wilson run the Dungeon 2.0, a renowned training facility for wrestlers of all promotions. In an interview on the “Ring the Belle” podcast with DS Shin, Natalya discussed their approach to working with talent from various promotions. She emphasized that their Dungeon is like a workshop for intermediate to advanced wrestlers who want to fine-tune their skills. Natalya and TJ have numerous friends in the industry and believe in helping anyone with a passion for wrestling, regardless of their affiliation.

Natalya mentioned some notable wrestlers they have worked with, including Moose, who recently won the TNA Championship. She expressed her respect for Moose’s hard work and journey and gladly agreed to train him. Natalya also mentioned training sessions with Billie Starkz, Angelo Dawkins, Ashante Thee Adonis, B-Fab, Shotzi, and Liv Morgan, praising their dedication and passion for the sport.

Although the Dungeon 2.0 has limited space, Natalya and TJ are committed to supporting wrestlers who love what they do. They strive to provide guidance and assistance to individuals who share their passion for wrestling, helping them improve their skills and achieve their goals.

The wrestling community appreciates the efforts of trainers like Natalya and TJ, who go beyond promoting their own promotion and extend their support to talent from all corners of the industry. Their dedication to helping wrestlers succeed is commendable, and their training facility serves as a valuable resource for aspiring wrestlers looking to enhance their abilities.

In conclusion, Kevin Owens’ humorous revelation about persistently asking Shawn Michaels for a WrestleMania match sheds light on the desire of wrestlers to create memorable moments in the ring. Additionally, Natalya and TJ Wilson’s Dungeon 2.0 training facility exemplifies their commitment to nurturing talent from all promotions, providing them with the necessary tools to excel in the world of professional wrestling.