Kevin Owens Reflects On The Kindness Of Pat Patterson

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Kevin Owens Reflects On The Kindness Of Pat Patterson

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Photo Credit: WWE

The wrestling world is reeling from the loss of Pat Patterson, the long-time brain trust of WWE. Pat passed at the age of 79 and the French Canadian star was beloved by all in WWE. Kevin Owens, a fellow French Canadian star, posted a video on Twitter, praising Patterson’s kindness and genuine nature.

“I just found out about Pat Patterson passing away this morning and just writing a tweet about him doesn’t feel right because Pat was so kind and helpful to me from the moment I set foot in WWE. He and I, I guess, bonded over the fact that we’re both French Canadian. But beyond that, He was just a really good guy. At first, I thought him wanting to be so helpful for me in WWE was you know because of that bond, the French Canadian bond, but I realized it’s not because he was like that with everyone.

“He truly loved trying to help this generation and trying to help this industry in any way he could, and that was the same as a wrestling guy, like this wrestling veteran, but as a human being, he was even better.”

He continued, “Not one time did I see him where he didn’t ask about my son and my wife and my daughter and even my parents how they were doing and you know some people just ask these questions because that’s just kind of what you do. But not Pat Pat would care. He would listen. He would remember the next time, but he would still ask how everybody’s doing. Anytime he’d see my son he would talk about how big he’s getting, and how tall he’s getting, and how pretty soon he’d be kicking my ass. He was just a great guy and I hadn’t talked to Pat in far too long and this is a stern reminder to keep in touch with those you love and those who are important to you because you never know what’s going to happen. Pat will be sorely missed by everyone in WWE and my thoughts are with his friends and family. Goodbye, Pat. Thank you.”

— Kevin (@FightOwensFight) December 2, 2020

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