Kevin Owens Offered Team NXT Spot By Triple H, Gets Attacked By Undisputed Era

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Kevin Owens Offered Team NXT Spot By Triple H, Gets Attacked By Undisputed Era

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

This week on WWE Monday Night RAW, Kevin Owens faced Drew McIntyre. The two men will be teammates at WWE Survivor Series but their match on Monday was a warm-up.

McIntyre took control early when he sent Owens tumbling into the turnbuckle. The Scottish Psychopath grounded Owens but a cannonball turned the momentum in Owens’ favor. McIntyre tossed Owens into the barricade. A suplex earned McIntyre a two count. Owens hit a cannonball off the apron to gain some momentum. A Glasgow Kiss rocked Owens and McIntyre slammed him on the apron. McIntyre earned a near fall with a powerbomb.

🗣@DMcIntyreWWE is INHUMAN. That is all. #RAW

— WWE (@WWE) November 19, 2019

A Frog Splash got Owens a near fall. McIntyre dodged a Stunner but Owens got another near fall with a pop-up powerbomb. McIntyre countered a Swanton Bomb but Owens hit a superkick. McIntyre countered the Stunner into a Claymore Kick but Owens put his root on the rope to stop the three count. Owens hit a Stunner out of nowhere but McIntyre put his foot on the ropes. A Future Shock DDT got McIntyre a near fall. A second Stunner should have earned Owens the win but Triple H came to the stage. Members of the NXT roster lined up on the ramp.

"I see a guy that doesn't fit the damn mold, and I love it."

Where DOES @FightOwensFight belong? 🤔#RAW

— WWE (@WWE) November 19, 2019

Triple H said Owens a different breed and said he put NXT on the map and legitimized it. He said Owens was taken by people that didn’t actually want him because he didn’t fit the mold. Triple H said the NXT superstars are there to protect him and Owens. He pointed out that Owens’ teammates aren’t out there because they don’t care about him. Members of RAW attacked the NXT superstars and a wild brawl broke out. The Undisputed Era attacked Owens but the OC chased them off.

There goes the insurance policy…


— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) November 19, 2019

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