Kevin Owens Jumps Off WrestleMania 36 Sign, Beats Seth Rollins

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Kevin Owens Jumps Off WrestleMania 36 Sign, Beats Seth Rollins

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The feud between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins came to a head at WrestleMania 36, where a chaotic match led to a spectacular moment for Kevin Owens, who walked away with the win over Rollins.

So many questions…

The #MondayNightMessiah @WWERollins disqualifies himself as he hits @FightOwensFight with the ringbell. #WrestleMania

— WWE (@WWE) April 5, 2020

Early in the match, Rollins was initially charged with a disqualification after he hit Owens with the ring bell. However, Owens was able to get up, and swiftly told the referee to make the match a no disqualification match, as he didn’t want to win with a DQ. After granting his request, Rollins continued to assault Owens, but Owens was able to overcome it each time. As the two fought their way up the ramp, Owens eventually found himself on top of the WrestleMania sign overlooking the ramp, where he dove onto Seth and through a table for the win.

OH MY MESSIAH!!!! 😱#WrestleMania @WWERollins @FightOwensFight

— WWE (@WWE) April 5, 2020

For a brief recap on how the match ended, check out below, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of WrestleMania 36:

Rollins hits Owens in the head with the ring steps. Rollins hits Owens with a chair. Owens hits Rollins in the head with the ring bell twice. Rollins falls on the announce table. Owens climbs to the top of the WrestleMania sign. Owens screams “hows this for a WrestleMania moment!” before leaping off and delivering an elbow drop. Rollins and Owens go through the table. Owens sends Rollins back into the ring. Rollins begs and pleads with Owens to stop. Owens Stuns Rollins for the win.

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