Kevin Owens Discusses His Long-Term Goals, Feud With Roman Reigns, More

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Kevin Owens Discusses His Long-Term Goals, Feud With Roman Reigns, More

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens is involved in what some consider to be the best storyline currently happening within WWE. He will go to war against Roman Reigns tonight at TLC. Ahead of the show, he sat down with SI’s Justin Barrasso. Take a look at the highlights below.

His thoughts on working with Roman Reigns & Jey Uso:

I’ve enjoyed all of it, especially getting to do stuff with Paul. I’ve worked with Roman before, but there is a different attitude and feel to the entire story. It’s great to do it in this setting now with the roles reversed. I’ve never done anything with Paul before, so getting to have a verbal joust with him on Talking Smack, and that’s really fun. Paul is unlike anybody on the mic, so it’s really fun and he keeps you on your toes. I hope this keeps going. Also having Jey Uso involved, who is somebody else I’ve never really had the chance to do much with at all, has added a lot. We’ve never done anything together before this, and it’s nice to get to do stuff with new people, and we’re giving everyone watching something they haven’t seen before.

On the end-goal of the feud with Roman Reigns:

Obviously we have to make sure that we end up where we need to end up in terms of the story. We also have to do that by giving a hell of a match that people are going to enjoy watching. For me, since we started the ThunderDome, and even before that in the Performance Center, with no actual live crowd to feed off of or take feedback from after hearing their reactions, my thing has been recognizing the production crew. They’ve been here for a long time, and they’ve seen it all. So when I do something and hear some of our camera guys, or some of our guys from production say, “Hey, that was really good,” it’s been really rewarding. I’m using them as a barometer for what I’m doing now. If they like what I’m doing, after seeing everything they’ve seen, then I’m doing something good.

On filling in for Wade Barrett on NXT commentary a few weeks ago:

I’ll go whenever they want me. I love doing commentary. I had the chance to do it for one match here and there for many years on Raw or SmackDown, but doing it for two hours is a whole different story. Everyone that does commentary, they have a real skill for it, and I really admire the people that do it. My job was to basically look at the ring and talk about what was happening. But the men and women who do this all the time have so much more on their plate. They need to know when and how to go to break, they need to know what to promote in the next segment, and they have to be perfect in terms of timing, especially on a live show. They’re all so good at it, too.

On if he wants another lengthy title run or is content where he is now:

I’m happy with where I am now. People that have followed my career the way you have understand that it’s a curse and a blessing for me to never be satisfied and always want more. I don’t think that will ever change, but I’ve gotten a lot better at taking things as they come and trying to enjoy the moment. When I was Universal Champion, I really didn’t take the time to enjoy that as much as I should have. I was always worried about what was happening next, or what was happening next week, or how we could make next week great. It’s a good mindset to have, but when you take it home and you’re constantly thinking about it, there is a point where it becomes a bit of a problem.

Take a look at the entire interview here and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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