Kevin Nash Starring In ‘COVID-19: Invasion’ Film

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Kevin Nash Starring In ‘COVID-19: Invasion’ Film

After having his own private battle with COVID-19, Kevin Nash is now ready to take the fight to the disease on the big screen.

Nash is currently set to star in the upcoming film ‘COVID-19: Invasion,’ which is set to center on a group of Chinese bats that have invaded America, leaving it up to Navy Seal Team Six to stop them. Nash will presumably play the role of one of the members of Seal Team Six, with Micah Lyons acting as both writer and director for the film.

No release information on the film is available at this point, but according to IMDB, the film is already in post-production. Due to both the general state of moviegoing in 2020 and the fact that it won’t be a high budget film, it’s same to assume that ‘COVID-19: Invasion’ will be headed straight-to-video or straight-to-demand services.

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