Kevin Nash Shoots on Mr Pleasant Curt Hennig | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Kevin Nash Shoots on Mr Pleasant Curt Hennig | Wrestling Shoot Interview
In this Wrestling Shoots Interview Kevin Nash shoots on Mr Pleasant Curt Hennig. He discusses how Curt broke Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall into the industry.

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These wrestling are immense!! there's absolute most realistic one kurt henning kurt used to be kurt used to be the fellow that broke in scott and sean michaels so that you simply know that entire the the clicking philosophy of labor used to be principally as steered by curt henning love kurt used to be love the daddy of you know kurt used to be wide kurt did .

Kurt did with sean with scott retract every [__] thing the fellow has kicked out of him beat him along with your assign you know that used to be you know roughly the capacity you doubtlessly did things but give you know don't you know consistently give you know in the occasion you're in the occasion you're the heel [__] invent the runt one face .

I obtain in thoughts on a saturday major match he made hogan glimpse love [__] hogan may per chance well well work his [__] ass off because he took such unbelievable [__] bumps and it wasn't that frequent hulk hogan you know cell attain aid immense boot fall the leg it used to be a various match and .

It used to be you know aid then i ultimate idea hulk used to be having a wide evening you know i didn't know any greater then i received in the ring with curt and i peeled him out of the nook i went love oh it's pretty worthy that [__] um does he obtain the the heavyweight title for ribs .

I point out straight out yes but uh cerebral owen coronary heart okay attention-grabbing because owen would would wouldn’t it will be the kurt used to be love love let's rib the japanese and fall a bomb on hiroshima owen would be [__] on your hat presumably no owen would be love let's ultimate keep love .

[__] on a toothpick and also you'll bag septic
Meet this amazing prowrestler.

Kevin Nash Shoots on Mr Pleasant Curt Hennig | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Kevin Nash Shoots on Mr Perfect Curt Hennig | Wrestling Shoot Interview