Kevin Nash Shares Thoughts on AEW Collision Ratings

Kevin Nash Shares Thoughts on AEW Collision Ratings
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During the latest edition of his “Kliq This” podcast, Kevin Nash commented on a variety of topics including AEW’s recent ratings for AEW Collision and why they aren’t a failure.

Of course, AEW Collision faces stiff competition this time of year with a ton of college football games airing head-to-head. For example, this past Saturday night saw big college football games on CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and many other networks.


Additionally, Nash commented on the WWE “superfan” Vladimir Abouzeide’s documentary and often seeing him at WWE live events.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the accomplishment of the episode overall: “I was thinking, they still did a half million views. People are such a**holes, ‘It was against the World Series,’ and then in the next paragraph the guy goes, ‘It was the least viewed World Series game ever.’ They’ve always got something.”

On Vladimir Abouzeide’s documentary: “He was already there [at the events], he was always a very pleasant person. He always had that incredible, infectious smile on his face. He was a superfan.”

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In a recent episode of his podcast “Kliq This,” Kevin Nash discussed various topics, including the ratings for AEW Collision and why they should not be considered a failure. Nash pointed out that AEW Collision faces tough competition during this time of year, as there are numerous college football games airing simultaneously. Last Saturday alone, major college football games were broadcasted on CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and other networks.

Nash emphasized that despite the competition, AEW Collision still managed to attract half a million views. He also criticized those who downplayed the ratings by mentioning the World Series, stating that the game it aired against was actually the least viewed in World Series history. Nash’s comments highlight the tendency of some people to always find something negative to say, regardless of the circumstances.

Another topic discussed on the podcast was the WWE “superfan” Vladimir Abouzeide and his documentary. Nash mentioned that he often saw Abouzeide at WWE live events and described him as a pleasant person with an infectious smile. Abouzeide’s dedication to attending WWE events earned him the title of “superfan” within the wrestling community.

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Overall, Kevin Nash’s podcast provided insights into AEW Collision’s ratings and shed light on the dedication of WWE superfan Vladimir Abouzeide. It serves as a reminder to not dismiss achievements based on external factors and to appreciate the passion of wrestling fans like Abouzeide.