Kevin Nash Praises The Miz For His Impression Of LA Knight

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WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash talked about a recent segment where The Miz dressed up as LA Knight on WWE Raw during a recent edition of the Kliq This podcast.

Nash referred to LA Knight as a “ripoff of The Rock” in the past. He said,


“I was watching the segment and they shot it like a wide shot and down came LA Knight. Started cutting a promo, and then they went close on him, and it was Miz. Miz f***ing just nailed LA Knight. ‘I got the bass in my voice, yeah!’ He did this whole gimmick and then shot a really good shoot promo.”

Nash continued, “I understand that people really like LA Knight, but if the Miz, and you watch the Miz do The Rock, you watch him do Stone Cold (Steve Austin), you watch him do other superstars that have been in this business, it’s an impression that doesn’t touch. This was spot f***ing on because you’re basically impersonating an Elvis impersonator, you’re not impersonating Elvis. It was unbelievable how good it was. Miz, you were my highlight of Raw.”

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