Kevin Nash Isn’t Interested In Signing Autographs For Adults In Airports

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Kevin Nash has made it clear that he has no intention of signing items for adults at the airport, citing concerns about their resale value and the ease with which autographs can be removed from certain collectibles.

Speaking with co-host Sean Oliver on his “Kliq This” podcast, Nash expressed his reluctance, stating,


“I won’t do it for an adult. I know how much those things go for. It used to be you could sign your name on them with a paint pen, [but] they got sh*t that they can just wipe right off it. To me, it’s like if you’re carrying a Funko, I ain’t signing it. So don’t carry a Funko.”

When questioned if this mindset extended to signing events, Nash explained that going to signings is the sole reason he visits the airport. Consequently, he has no intention of providing free signatures while he is there. Kevin Nash then playfully compared the likelihood of that happening to CM Punk headlining WWE RAW when Punk was backstage at the show. Nash humorously remarked,

“Yeah, you’ll see a price listing of it. The only reason I’m at the airport is because I’m going to a signing. So your chances of getting something for free, being the reason that I’m leaving my f***ing house in the first place, is about as good a chance of f***ing Punk being the main event on RAW Monday when he showed up in the parking lot.”

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