Kenny Omega Talks Women’s Division & Why He Isn’t AEW’s Top Guy

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Kenny Omega Talks Women’s Division & Why He Isn’t AEW’s Top Guy

Photo Credit: James Musselwhite

Kenny Omega held a question-and-answer session with fans earlier today and he didn’t avoid questions that were critical of All Elite Wrestling. He discussed the booking of the women’s division, his current card placement, and some possible dream matches.

Check out highlights below:

Why he isn’t the face of AEW:

I lived out mostly all of my dreams during the last run I had and now a big part of my current dream is seeing a new generation thrive.

What it’d take for AJ Styles vs. Kenny Omega to happen:

It would take one phone call.

His thoughts on the AEW Women’s Division:

Lately, most “criticisms” I read are incredibly ignorant. Depressing the amount of fans that have absolutely no class. That being said, I do try to sift through those to get to the actual constructive criticism.

We’ve had fantastic performances from our women that had our arenas shaking. Literally the loudest reactions on the show at times. Where was the failure? What were you hoping to see?

His all-time dream matches:

Kurt Angle, Mankind, Kenta Kobashi … it’s a list that would get pretty long

Why he wants to tag with Riho:

We’ve been working together for years and have a great natural chemistry. My other partner is unfortunately busy with another promotion.

What he hasn’t been able to accomplish as a wrestler:

My goal was unity but strangely my toughest adversary hasn’t been office big wigs or fellow performers, it’s fans that prefer hostility in the world and want to both love and hate something equally.

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