Kenny Omega: ‘I Can’t Call Myself The Best In The World Unless I Can Do Everything’

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Kenny Omega: ‘I Can’t Call Myself The Best In The World Unless I Can Do Everything’

Kenny Omega

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Kenny Omega has made a name for himself as one of the best professional wrestlers in the business, and with an incredibly bright future ahead of him, he still thinks he can do more. Speaking to Sports Illustrated in a new interview, Omega detailed why he doesn’t believe he’s done enough to be crowned the best just yet.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On why he can’t call himself the best:

A standard I set for myself is that I can’t call myself the best in the world unless I can do everything, So yes, a huge, long match at the Tokyo Dome, with no restrictions, no agent, I can do that. I can also go on TV and have a performance everyone is talking about, one where I was supposed to have 21 minutes but then I only had 18, plus told a story after the match. That’s part of being the best, too.

On his upcoming Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch:

The idea itself is incredible, You touch the ropes and they explode. This is a match that was made famous about 30 years ago in FMW. It’s not like a cage match where you have a pretty good idea about what you’ll see. With this, there are going to be so many unexpected parts.

On making sure he doesn’t come across as too arrogant:

I despise when I come across as too arrogant, but I never doubted that I could do this, I’ve been hearing for over a year these expectations of what I was supposed to be in AEW. It was just a copy-and-paste of the ‘Tokyo Dome Kenny Omega,’ which would essentially have monopolized all of our programming. If that were the case, an hour would have to go to my matches. I believe too much in our roster and our vision to ever want to do something like that.

This is my opportunity to show to a much broader audience that I can show a different side to my work, do these skits, which the people who watched Being the Elite already knew, and accomplish a whole new set of goals.

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