Kenny Omega Discusses Taking His NJPW Departure Personal, How It Was Handled

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Kenny Omega Discusses Taking His NJPW Departure Personal, How It Was Handled

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Being The Elite’s YouTube channel released a video where Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks sat in a room talking about their careers.

During the video, Omega talked about his departure from NJPW before signing with AEW.

A year ago, Omega was slated to defend the IWGP Heavyweight Title against Hiroshi Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 13, which is where Omega would lose the IWGP Heavyweight Title to Tanahashi.

The Bucks and Omega wasn’t part of New Year Dash, which created more tension between NJPW and The Elite. Omega talked about how he was frustrated with the booking with the lead-up with his match against Tanashi.

He talked about how there was a long story to the build-up to the match but the narrative changed as at first, it as supposed to be a split story. He would later create a video game vignette, which at first NJPW officials didn’t like. Once it was released on Being The Elite, NJPW wanted to use it due to the traction it was getting.

Nick brought up how AEW also tried to form a working relationship with ROH and NJPW, but it didn’t work out.

Omega talked about how NJPW didn’t want to work with him and he thought it was strange as he always wanted to be part of NJPW, which is why he’s legally allowed to work with NJPW due to some clauses in his AEW contract.

Omega does have issues with how fans were crushed that he hasn’t worked for NJPW since leaving and that they tried to make a new version of him instead of letting everyone be themselves.