Kenny Omega Chases Down Colt Cabana On Being The Elite

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Kenny Omega Chases Down Colt Cabana On Being The Elite

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

This week’s edition of Being The Elite starts with bathroom humor. It’s a slight step up from last week’s focus on Christopher Daniels (which gets a hilarious sendup here), but not by much. It brings the running blading joke to a new extreme, and it will be hard to see where it goes from here. However, things improve greatly after that.

Between an “old school travel montage” and Tony Schiavone filling in for the audience as he listens to the Fallen Angel’s medical history, Broken Matt Hardy attempts to join Kenny Omega and Hangman on a trip to the bar. When Hardy asks why the “Bucks of Youth” won’t be joining them, Kenny explains that it’s against their “religion.” Hardy seems to be trying hard to stay in the group after Stadium Stampede, but it doesn’t seem like it’s working smoothly.

Later on, Kenny Omega chases down Colt Cabana for appearing on the show, as he’s wont to do. The chase goes throughout Daily’s Place and into the ring, where a ref happens to be standing. Colt rolls Omega up and the referee counts to three, angering Kenny even more than he already was. He even jokingly asks why everyone in the company can beat him up, a comment on how much his kayfabe star has fallen since his New Japan prime.

For all that plus more pausing of the multiverse and Private Party getting canceled, check out this week’s episode embedded below:

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