Kenny Omega Beats Hangman Page, Earns AEW World Title Shot

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Kenny Omega Beats Hangman Page, Earns AEW World Title Shot

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

During tonight’s AEW Full Gear, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page met in the ring, with a shot at the AEW World Championship on the line. With IMPACT Wrestling Executive Vice President Don Callis joining the commentary team for the match, Omega was able to clinch his title opportunity, taking down Page in a big win and moving one step closer to claiming the top spot in All Elite Wrestling.

During the incredible back-and-forth match, it was Omega who ended up getting the advantage late. Towards the end of the match, after breaking out of a pin attempt, Omega landed a nasty dragon screw on Page against the ropes. Omega followed that up with a knee and V-Trigger, which led to him ultimately getting Page in the One-Winged Angel, which he hit successfully for the victory.

What a powerbomb on the outside by @theAdamPage onto @KennyOmegamanX! #AEWFullGear

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) November 8, 2020

For more on how the game ended, check out below:

Page stomps on Kenny’s head. The two trade more shots. They take their time with this. Kenny fires away but a rolling elbow strike combats that. It doesn’t phase him enough and Kenny hits a Tiger Driver ’98 for a very close fall.

Page avoids a V-Trigger and goes for two Germans, but Kenny lands both time. Dragon suplex by Kenny, Hangman hits him with a lariat and then a Dead Eye for a very close pin. Hangman sets up for Buckshot, but Kenny sunsets free for a pin attempt. Adam sits down for a close W.

Not long after, Kenny dragon screws Hangman on the ropes. A knee and a V-Trigger by Kenny. He struggles to get Hangman in his One-Winged Angel but he does and gets the pinfall victory.

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