Ken Shamrock Defeats Joey Ryan But Not Before Getting Dick Flipped

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Ken Shamrock Defeats Joey Ryan But Not Before Getting Dick Flipped

Ken Shamrock came away with a big victory over Joey Ryan during Tuesday’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling. However, Ryan was able to land one of his most infamous moves against Shamrock prior to losing. During the match, Shamrock was caught by Ryan and forced into the Penis-Plex, which caused the crowd and commentary to go absolutely insane. While Ryan may have lost the match, he walked away with a major highlight.

For more information on how the match went, make sure to check out below, and follow along with our live results of Tuesday’s IMPACT Wrestling:

Ryan oils up after the bell rings. Shamrock looks disgusted. Ryan offers to shake Shamrock’s hand. Shamrock gives Ryan a high-five. Shamrock arm drags Ryan. Shamrock gets a near fall after a sunset flip. Ryan lands a high angle dropkick. Shamrock pops up to his feet. Shamrock looks shocked. Shamrock tries to Shamrock Ryan’s hand. Ryan makes Shamrock touch it. Ryan dick flips Ryan. Shamrock is clutching at his hand as if it was on fire. Shamrock snaps and clotheslines Ryan. Shamrock puts Ryan in the ankle lock. Ryan taps out.

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— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 6, 2019

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