Ken Resnick Talks Lack Of Excitement After PPVs, Vince’s Booking Philosophy

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Ken Resnick Talks Lack Of Excitement After PPVs, Vince’s Booking Philosophy

Ken Resnick

Ken Resnick with Randy Savage

Former Wrestling broadcaster Ken Resnick was a special guest on the latest edition of Wrestling with History. Bruce Wirt discussed the lack of reality based storylines in pro wrestling, and the difference in booking styles over the generations. Take a look at the highlights below.

On the lack of energy on the show after a PPV:

Everything aside, to me the most noticeable difference – certainly in my years in the 80s and 90s, when you came out of a PPV, no matter what PPV you came out of, there was always one major storyline that you were going to build on as a result of something that happened at the PPV. Here [WWE Backlash 2020] they had Backlash the night before, and there was nothing that came out of that PPV that they could really build on. They were rehashing. I think this is the biggest problem. The old school philosophy is just gone.

On WWE Monday Night RAW recently:

They call it World Wrestling Entertainment, and it’s entertainment but it’s become more like a sitcom with action. If it was like a drama that all fit together you could understand that; but this is like a drama where nothing fit together.

On Vince McMahon’s booking philosophy back in the 80’s:

When I got to the WWF, it was really apparent that Vince knew the next main event for WrestleMania or Summerslam or King of the Ring. He would know that this is what the huge matches are going to be and we worked backwards to build to that. There was that much planning and he was that smart. He knew WrestleMania 3, it’s going to be Hulk and Andre, and he would start building and little issues that would come up months before to build to that crescendo. That also doesn’t seem to be the case now, part of that could well be that there’s just no great superstars or flag bearers.

You can listen to the entire interview below. Do you agree with Ken? Let us know in the comments below.

Wrestling with History featuring former WWE/AWA broadcaster Ken Resnick and former Philadelphia Radio personality Bruce Wirt airs every Wednesday at 930pm ET on VOC Nation.

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