Ken Anderson – ‘Randy Orton & John Cena Did Not Get Me Fired’

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Randy Orton and John Cena did not play a role in Ken Anderson’s tenure with WWE ending, according to the former Mr. Kennedy himself.

Anderson was released from WWE in 2009, and it has been claimed for years that Vince McMahon fired him after Randy Orton and John Cena complained that he was dangerous.


Speaking on a recent edition of the “A2theK Wrestling Show,” Anderson discussed his relationship with Orton, saying that neither Orton nor Cena played a role in his termination. He said,

“Let me say this. Nobody got me fired. I got me fired. You know, like, as the years wore on, right? Because I was very bitter and very upset for a few years and that resentment was directed at the wrong place and it should have been directed back at me because had I been doing all the right things, I would have never been in a position where one person’s word could have any effect on my career.

“Vince had heard my name in a negative light enough that he just finally said, like, ‘I’m tired of hearing about it. We’re just gonna cut our losses.’ So, I would’ve fired me. But we [himself and Orton] have talked and I think both of us are in very different places in our lives right now. We’re not like, you know, I don’t call him but I did run into him when I went backstage at a Monday Night RAW like two years ago, three years ago now, in Minneapolis. Had like a very long, pretty cool discussion with him.”

After WWE, Anderson would join TNA/Impact Wrestling, where he would become a two-time World Champion.

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