Ken Anderson Discusses Tiffany Stratton’s Intensive Training and Remarkable Dedication

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Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy in WWE) was a recent guest on the “The A2theK Wrestling Show” to discuss a variety of topics, including his experiences training Tiffany Stratton and Gable Steveson.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On training Tiffany Stratton: “Obviously, she’s got an athletic background. She took to it. There were nights where I would be at home and she was still in the ring with a couple of the students. She would come in on Saturdays and Sundays and get extra ring time. She busted her ass.”

On working with Gable Steveson: “I remember the first day he came in, he’d been under WWE contract and had been drafted to Monday Night Raw for like eight months and I said, ‘What do you know how to do?’ He’s like, ‘Nothing.’ We started from literally square one. But, again, I know people are always going to compare him to Kurt Angle, I wish they wouldn’t.”

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Ken Anderson, also known as Mr. Kennedy in WWE, recently appeared on “The A2theK Wrestling Show” where he discussed his experiences training Tiffany Stratton and Gable Steveson. Anderson shared insights into their training and development, highlighting their dedication and hard work.

When it comes to training Tiffany Stratton, Anderson acknowledged her athletic background and praised her commitment to learning the craft. He mentioned that there were nights when he would leave the training facility, but Stratton would stay behind with a few other students, honing her skills in the ring. Anderson commended her work ethic, stating that she consistently went above and beyond to improve.

Moving on to Gable Steveson, Anderson recalled their initial meeting. Steveson had already been under a WWE contract and had spent eight months on Monday Night Raw. However, when Anderson asked him what he knew how to do in the ring, Steveson admitted he knew nothing. This prompted Anderson to start from scratch with him. Despite the inevitable comparisons to Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, Anderson expressed his desire for people to judge Steveson on his own merits rather than constantly comparing him to Angle.

In addition to the podcast interview, Anderson shared a link to a video titled “INTERVIEW with KEN ANDERSON aka MR. KENNEDY – Former WWE & TNA Superstar.” The video provides fans with an opportunity to gain further insights into Anderson’s career and experiences in the wrestling industry.

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Overall, Ken Anderson’s interview on “The A2theK Wrestling Show” provided valuable insights into his training experiences with Tiffany Stratton and Gable Steveson. It showcased the dedication and hard work of both individuals, highlighting their determination to succeed in the wrestling industry.