Kelly Klein Reportedly Fired By Ring Of Honor

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Kelly Klein Reportedly Fired By Ring Of Honor

kelly klein

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR/Corey Tatum

UPDATE: Klein has commented on the firing on her Twitter.

This is so sad. I guess it’s all about the bottom line. But I’m no one’s bottom line.

Time to open the gate…

— Kelly Klein (@RealKellyKlein) November 21, 2019

Ring Of Honor has fired Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein.

In a leaked email posted by former ROH employee Joey Mercury, it was revealed that the company said Klein had “breached our existing agreement by sharing confidential documents and emails with another contractor, who used the material to defame and slander the company and one of its key officers, Greg Gilleland. You also used your social media presence to help this contractor’s Twitter account gain traction, and to validate his claims, which further your involvement in these actions.” As a result, they have terminated their “existing agreement” and are enacting a six-month non-compete clause.

How dare she!?!? The nerve. That’s what you get, @RealKellyKlein – hey I wonder who else you sent that nice email to? What if Tomorrow’s Summit was actually the resignation of GG & JK!?!? If it isn’t- I’m more than prepared to get LOUD & specific. Talent deserve this treatment.

— mercury in retrograde (@JOEYnRetrograde) November 21, 2019

Klein’s husband, former ROH and current AEW employee BJ Whitmer, confirmed the validity of the email. “Yes, my wife was fired by Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff, via email Tuesday evening,” he wrote. “Not a phone call, an email. Kelly is still very much suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome and was fired while still injured.”

Wrestlezone has reached out to Koff and Ring of Honor for comment and will update the post should we receive anything.

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