Kelly Describes The Distinctions In between Her Period’s Women’s Locker Space And Today

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Previous WWE Superstar Kelly has actually discussed how “various” the locker space these days is, compared to her time as an active wrestler.

Kelly debuted on WWE programs in 2006 as part of the newly-debuted ECW brand name and would end up being a one-time Divas Champion prior to her exit in 2012.

The previous Superstar has actually made a handful of looks considering that 2012, consisting of ending up being the very first female WWE 24/7 Champion in 2019.

Speaking on the GAW television podcast, Kelly discussed the distinctions she has actually seen in today’s locker space compared to the past, stating,

” It’s really various. I seem like when we existed, all the ladies, we were so close, tight-knit. Perhaps they are. I feel in one’s bones when we existed, it was much like everyone was together talking in the locker space, taking a seat.

” Then I seem like when I returned, nobody was truly in the locker space. Everybody was type of doing their own thing.”

Kelly kept in mind that she feels the existing environment in the WWE females’s locker space is ” completely great,” however it’s just various.

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