Keith Lee Talks About Wrestling Influences, Dream Match, More

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On a current episode of “The Masked Man Show” podcast, previous WWE NXT Champion Keith Lee went over a range of subjects – – his new appearance, the tradition he is leaving for extremely heavyweights, his fight with Swerve Strickland, being AEW World Champion, and more.

Going over a dream match he never ever got to have, Lee discussed previous Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle. He stated,

” For as long as I might keep in mind, my top dream match protested Kurt Angle. When I inform you I had a whole match in my head of things I wished to occur. I desired 20, 30 minutes [with him]”

In regard to his impacts in wrestling, Keith Lee pointed out the similarity The Great Muta, who retired simply recently, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle and Low Ki. He stated,

” My impact in this market is a three-way cross, it’s a triangle, perhaps even isosceles, and it is a cross in between early [2000s] Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and Low Ki. Those are a few of my greatest impacts, and after that right there on the precipice is Great Muta. Those are my most significant individuals and impacts I enjoy to view and/or study.”

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